Elena Ezau, Alexey Velizhanin

Elena Ezau, Alexey Velizhanin
Art and culture

Soloists Theater of Contemporary Dance “Samruk”

World championship by the dance show 2014

In Prague, Elena Ezau and Alexey Velizhanin won silver at the World Championship in Dance Sport.

Elena Ezau is the leading soloist of the Modern Dance Theater “Samruk”. She works in the theater from the day of its foundation. Elena danced all the leading parts of the theater’s current repertoire. Elena impresses spectators with impeccable technical performance, perfectly owns its body, bright, sensual and penetrating in the performance of various parties. Also, she is very experienced artist, a well-known sportswoman in the past, is an artistic gymnast, Master of Sports of the USSR, participant and winner of prestigious festivals.

Alexey Velizhanin is a guest soloist of the Modern Dance Theater “Samruk”, winner of many festivals and competitions. He successfully managed to combine sport and choreography in him work. Alexey is technically strong, diligently mastered the technically complex pas of professional choreography. Alexey founded and became the artistic director of the “Dance Theater of Alexey Velizhanin”.

Elena Ezau and Alexey Velizhanin are interesting and original duo, who already could to prove themselves in prestigious professional stages and arenas. Their duet features interesting finds in the field of duet dance, where they organically combine power support, acrobatics, and, of course, choreography. Their duet is an entertaining performance, which is very important in such kind of art as choreography.

To participate in such a championship it was necessary to go through several stages – it was participation in various festivals and competitions, where they repeatedly became winners, for example, in Germany and Italy. The championship belongs to the International Dance Organization (IDO), in which more than 2000-3000 participants from 30-40 countries take part annually. Participants require a high level of preparation in various areas of choreography. The goal of participating in such a championship is not only to show oneself, to take leading positions, but also to see the performance of artists from other countries, exchange experience and develop creative contacts.