Radina Batpenova

Radina Batpenova
Art and culture

Head of the circle “Zhas Sheber”, senior lecturer in the Aktobe University, named after S. Baishev, Aktobe

Project: «Steppe Idea»

Creation of a studio and educational-experimental center for children with disabilities.

In the art studio will take place master classes and classes by fine and decorative arts for children with disabilities. Also, children from low-income families will be able to visit the studio.

The project “Steppe Idea” gives to the children the opportunity working and experiment with all kinds of fine arts, in various techniques, and jointly organize art projects and exhibitions of their works.

“Steppe Idea” is the first free studio in Aktobe designed for work with children with disabilities and for children from low-income families.


It should be noted that the project “Steppe Idea” creates equal opportunities and conditions for quality education and socialization of children with disabilities in the system of additional artistic education, as well as enables the development of a special methodology for teaching fine arts.