Best NGO projects

The Foundation has united under its auspices almost 5000 non-governmental organizations and has supported more than two hundred social projects. The most important of these have been implemented in the framework of the Fair of social ideas and projects.

“The path to creativity”

Public association “Mugedek alemi” (Atyrau)

Fair – 2008

Within the project Disabled People Center “Omir-Eva-Live» was opened in Atyrau in 2008. The center has specialized societies of drama therapy, isotherapy, clay therapy, music therapy and crafts (beads, felt, and patchwork-quilt). Disabled children, boys and girls aged 5 to 16 who are educated at home are engaged in the Center.

This is the first center of its kind in its district, because the state structures in the education system do not accept such children, as they are officially declared unteachable.

The Centre continues its activities, societies are still operating, and their directions expand.

“Healthy Community”

“Akbota” Public Foundation (Arnasay, Akmola oblast)

Fair – 2008

Within the project three workshops were held, which were attended by teachers, medical personnel, parent community, representatives of administrative bodies of Arshaly District and town youth.

At the same time, the active work has been implemented with members of the local press centers. During the training, they have learned the basics of PR-campaigns, the method of creating social video, booklet and collage production. Master classes on creating youth newspapers were of a particular interest to those present

12 NGOs of Arshaly District supported work of «Akbota» Foundation. In August it held an environmental meeting in which the results of the work done were summarized.

Project for baby food vitaminization has also been implemented (the use of special multivitamin jelly for children in kindergartens and schools of Arshaly District).

A hockey court was opened within the project. There are sections of hockey with both ball and puck, ice-skating. A resource center was opened for the implementation of innovative health-saving psychological and pedagogical technologies for the prevention of eye diseases, scoliosis, flat feet in the educational process of preschool and school establishments of Arshaly, Tselinograd, Shortandy district of Akmola region and the massive spread of sports among rural NGOs of Arshaly District.

The summer Festival of Health was held for the active promotion of the summer sports games, the participants of which were young people of Arshaly District and soldiers of two military units.

As a result of the project a final workshop was held on the creation of 8 health keeping resource centers of innovation in the Akmola region.

The project continues to develop. In 2013, the idea of baby food vitaminization received its embodiment. In the village Arnasay an underground greenhouse was created using phyto-LED lighting for vegetable production, which provides canteens of rural school, kindergarten with vitaminized diet on a year-round basis.

Generalized practical results have allowed the project to extend the ideology at the regional and provincial levels.

“The parent club as a model of interaction between the family and the school”

“Open School” Public Educational Foundation (Almaty)

Fair – 2009

The project is aimed at improving the pedagogical culture of parents.

On September 10, 2009 in the State Children’s Library named after S. Begalin the presentation of the parent club was held and the book “Family education as a factor of sustainable development of society” published as part of the project.

Various methods of work were tested in the classroom of the parent club – lectures, workshops, discussions, exchange of experience, “round tables”, exhibitions, readers’ conferences. The club meetings have helped parents and teachers to gain experience of trust and openness to each other. Experience of the club was compiled and presented on the pages of the magazine “Open School” in the category “School for Parents”. For example, the articles “Rules of dialogue for teachers and parents,””Family education and national unity”, “Lullabies of the Peoples of Kazakhstan”, “The father’s role: raise the lost meaning,””Family education as a factor in the stability of society” were published in the journal in 2010.

The issues on the topics “Family education and national unity”, “The role of the father: the return of the lost meaning of ” Family education as a factor in the stability of society” and others were discussed at the meetings of the club.

The club continues to work to strengthen family values. Quarterly meetings of the “Club of concerned parents” are held, at which motherhood, fatherhood and childhood are discussed to improve mutual understanding between parents and children. Preparation of a festive event for the Day of gratitude is underway.


Marat Ospanov Community Foundation (Almaty)

Fair – 2009

The aim of the project was to conduct a city competition of creative works “Give children a holiday” on the Children’s Day. The competition was held among pupils of orphanages of Almaty for the development of creative and artistic potential of children, as well as the organization of traditional city events dedicated to children.

The competition was attended by more than 20 creative teams of specialized children’s institutions and NGOs and 1,500 children from 9 houses of students.

“Meyirim lights the stars”, City Children’s Art Festival was opened on June 1.

The festival ended with a gala concert of the winners of the contest “Meyirim”.

Activity of Marat Ospanov Public Foundation develops and expands. “Meyіrіm” has become an annual project and widely covered in the media.

The project received the support of partners who are ready to continue cooperation. More than 100 laureates and winners of the contest “Meyіrіm” annually become the main participants of the project “Organization of educational workshops and training for children from social institutions in the city.” Master classes in choreography, fine and applied arts and singing are held with the participation of children and teachers from specialized boarding schools.

Stability and success of the project contribute to the following factors:

  1. A framework for the disclosure of creativity of “special” children has been created.
  2. A motivation to improve the pedagogical skills of teachers has occured as the best teachers are awarded and invited to the training.
  3. A dialogue platform for teachers and professionals involved in the social sphere has been created.
  4. The efforts of state, public, business organizations and the media have been joined in solving the problems of “special” children

“Formation of Medical Gerontology competence in Kazakhstan conditions”

“Association of Gerontology doctors of Kazakhstan” Public Foundation (Almaty)

Fair – 2010

For the first time in the Republic of Kazakhstan the specialists in the field of social gerontology and geriatrics are trained. Methodical recommendations (150 copies) on Gerontology (Kazakhstan-Russia) as a training manual on course materials were developed.

An elective course for medical professionals and social gerontology was held for 25 participants in total. The course consists of 28 lectures, led by the leading specialist gerontologist from St. Petersburg,

Trained doctors have received the certificates as a result of the elective course. Implementation of this project has made a significant contribution to the development of geriatrics and gerontology in Kazakhstan. Because of the project, social-medical technology was developed to implement the “Anti-aging” program in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In the future, the Association is planning to organize continuous elective courses, allowing carrying out communication, information, educational and scientific functions required for the coordination of activities to improve the quality of life for healthy longevity.

“We are together”

Public Foundation “Foundation for support and help to children and young people of Kazakhstan with autism and other developmental problems” Ashyk Alem “(Almaty)

Fair – 2010

Within the project, a presentation of the “Psychological support by parents with children of difficult behavior” program was made. Master classes “according to their ability” for children diagnosed with autism and normal children of «Haileybury Almaty» school were organized.

Activities for children for the production of handicrafts have been organized based on the «Haileybury Almaty» school. Training workshops for parents in correctional pedagogy “sensory integration, speech development of autistic children within the ontogenetic approach, game therapy” were held.

After completion of the project, it became possible to attract additional funding for the further continuation of the project. The sponsor was the company “Arlan Net Systems» LLP, which paid for organizational expenses (flights, accommodation, and room rental for lessons) of Moscow specialists in correctional pedagogy.

Also in implementation of the project the idea was born for creating a resource center to disseminate best practices of the world in the form of training, counseling and methodological support for parents, professionals and health authorities, education and social protection, as well as non-governmental organizations in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Another victory and a good result has been that the National Scientific and Practical Center of Correctional Pedagogy of Kazakhstan has achieved the introduction of the psychologist to the team to work with the parents after diagnosis and stress.(слишком длинное предложение теряется смысл)

Work on the project continues. The organization is currently working on an innovative model for teaching children with autism and speech delay, which allows preparing them for inclusion in the educational system.

“The cultural heritage of the children – the link of times”
“Vocational training of young people with hearing impairment”

Public association “ZhasNur Deaf people Association” (Astana)

Fair – 2011

Within the project, training of national crafts was organized for hearing-impaired children of 6-10 remedial classes of the grammar schools №65 of Astana city by organizing arts and crafts societies.

Boys were taught by talented teacher, master of arts and crafts Bakyt Berdenbek. He trained to work with wood, leather, stones and other materials at hand, to combine them and make products, souvenirs in the best national traditions, which are in high demand by tourists.

Girls were taught to work with beads, felt and other materials at hand by a master of applied art Zhaykenova Zhibek.

The training program is aimed at creating conditions for the manifestation of creativity, talent, development of children and adolescents with hearing impairment, the potential abilities of which are given by nature and need to come out and be assessed by a wider audience

Within the project, an exhibition of arts and crafts products was organized in the Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan on December 5-7, 2011 and the fair – sale at the Presidential Hotel «Rixos» on December 9. Representatives of UNICEF, embassies, local government bodies, ministries, businesses, NGOs, the media, and deputies of the Majilis of the Kazakh Parliament, Maslikhat of Astana city, the community and guests of the capital, attended the event.

Children and adolescents with hearing impairments were able to present the products made with their hands, their skills resulting from training under the project. Their training and skills will allow reviving and preserving the cultural and national traditions.

 Based on the results of the project the organization is taking steps to open clubs, which give an opportunity to cover not only the hearing-impaired children, but also children with other illnesses, create a special developmental environment for them where they can be under the constant supervision of specialists.

Thanks to the project, new sponsors in the face of KMG “Kashagan” were attracted to buy the necessary material for the club’s work.

“Conducting children’s military sports, military-patriotic game” Zharkyl “(” Summer Lightning “) with the military-historical reconstruction of the fighting of the 3rd Mountain Rifle Battalion of the 177th Motorized Rifle Regiment of the 5th Pandsher operation in Afghanistan in May 1982”

Public Association “Ust-Kamenogorsk organization of veterans of the war in Afghanistan” (Ust-Kamenogorsk)

Fair – 2012

Project implementation has allowed to revive conducting of military sports and military-patriotic game “Zharkyl” (“Summer Lightning”) in Ust-Kamenogorsk. The game was carried out in the framework of the military-historical reconstruction of real scenes of combat operations.

As a result of implementation of the project participants of the game were given the practical skills in action in the training fight in the mountain wilderness. The project was attended by students of 10th classes of the city schools and the MIC “Sunkar”, 500 people in total (10 students from 45 schools in the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk and 50 people from the MIC “Sunkar”), as well as the local garrison soldiers and veterans of the war in Afghanistan – 100 people. Students (500) acquired practical skills and knowledge in the course of the project.

The public and the city authorities praised the implemented project and decided to implement the experience of veterans of the war in Afghanistan in the younger generation’s education system. To hold the youth military and sports games each year, through state procurement system, with elements of reconstruction of actual combat, which contributes to the harmonious development and the full education of young people.

“Social reintegration of vulnerable and isolated older people with the skills and knowledge of the Craft “Second Breath”

The center of creativity “Karlygash” (Kyzylorda)

Fair – 2012

Sessions are conducted with the participation of 12 elderly women artisans in groups of 16 children and teenagers who want to learn the skills of craft business (kurak-korpe and working with felt).

Roundtable on the social reintegration of the elderly is organized and conducted.

Booklets about the project with the aim of focusing on the problems of the elderly are published.

The project activities are ongoing. Every year in the region, there is an exhibition of finished products.

“The art therapy for cancer patients”

“Your Choice” Public Foundation (Semey)

Fair – 2013

Within the project an art therapy room for cancer patients was created at the oncology center. The project aims to help cancer patients in a creative way to express their negative emotions (anxiety, fear, aggression, anger, resentment), to stabilize their emotions, contribute to effective recovery and to give an opportunity to self-express through the act of creation by implementing their abilities.

Psychological care is expressed in increasing the adaptive abilities of cancer patients to everyday life; reduction of fatigue, negative emotional states and their manifestations; restoration of cognitive skills: improving attention, memory, thinking, imagination.

Areas of the project activities have been expanded. In subsequent years, the project has successfully implemented the following activities:

Advertising campaign of the office activities was carried out, developed teaching material for individual and group lessons.

Classes continue to be held – now using different technologies: isotherapy, applique, photography, sculpture. bibliotherapy, origami, music therapy, video therapy, animation therapy, ethnic therapy, occupational therapy.

“Enhancing the capacity of public councils of Ili district of Almaty region”

Public association “Social and civil basis” Bolashak “(p. Otegen Batyr, Almaty region)

Fair – 2013

  • A mechanism of work of local self-government is established
  • 3 training seminars were held for training of chairpersons of public council. In total 65 people have been trained
  • A regional conference “Self-government at the local level, the available means and instruments” was held
  • One inhabited locality in our area (p. Aschibulak) is selected as a pilot project for the dissemination of experience in the organization of local government in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • The Delegation of the district, the project manager R.M. Abilov, Akim of the village Aschibulak Karibaev M.B., deputy of the regional maslikhat Kagazbaeva Sholpan and chairperson of the Tyuymebaeva village public council were invited to round table on “The reform of local self-government and good governance at the local level” that took place on December 12-13, 2013 in Astana with the participation of representatives of the OSCE.
  • “Guidelines on the work of public councils” were developedand published in a quantity of 1000 pieces.
  • The published handbook is included into the handout for all participants of the round table in Astana
  • Strategic plan of Aschibulak village was prepared, which was the basis for budget planning.

In subsequent years, the project activity had all parts of the area covered. The activities of the public association have attracted attention of the regional public. Subsequently the investments of private companies and patrons were involved in continuation of the work on the projects. Experience is spread to other parts of the country.

“National Helpline for children and youth”

“Union of crisis centers’ Legal Entities Association (Almaty)

Fair – 2013

Within the project, the efficient operation of a national telephone hotline for children and young people with the number 150 in Almaty was organized. Objective: To protect the rights and protection of the legitimate interests of the child and provide him with the necessary assistance in conjunction with other available services.

National Helpline for children and youth is a three-digit number easy to remember for the children. Service is provided around the clock, enabling children and young people to call at a convenient time for them. Experts, psychologists, provide advice, which improves the quality of service. There is special equipment and two allocated lines, which ensures that children and young people can get through.

Service telephone hotline has been available to children and young people all over Kazakhstan from May 17, 2010 and implemented by the Committee on the Protection of Children of the Ministry of Education and the Committee of Administrative Police of the MIA of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 2011, a telephone hotline service received 225,973 calls, including 114718 in Almaty, of which 2 445 for infringement of the rights of children and youth. As of 1 October 2011 recorded total was 225,973 calls, including 114718 in Almaty, 786 of them were on the violation of the rights of minors.

On November 21, 2011 the Foundation held a presentation of the results of project, in which a round table on the topic “Access to social services for children and young people in Almaty” took place. The protection of children’s interests, and expanding the availability of social services for children and young people were discussed.

Helpline continues its work and is valid across Kazakhstan. Grant obtained in the framework of the Fair of social ideas and projects had a great influence on the development of the project.

“The image of the touch”

“Onerland” (Almaty) Public Foundation

Fair – 2013

For the first time in Kazakhstan in 2013 an interactive sculpture exhibition project with the participation of disabled children with impaired vision “Image to the touch” was launched with the financial support of the Foundation of First President.

The main idea of the project was the involvement of children with disabilities – blind ones to the tactile perception of the works of sculpture in Kazakhstan and transfer the images perceived in their own interpretation of the material – clay sculpture.

Sculptures created by children are on display next to the originals and will be included in the directory.

Participants of the project have successfully completed all of the planned creative stages. The project has received a wide resonance in the society, in the media, including boarding schools, parents and children themselves. The project adopted its importance and the need for its further implementation.

In subsequent years, the public association has carried out other similar competitions, with the participation of children with disabilities. Currently it is developing a project to educate children with disabilities to work with clay, to develop artistic skills in the field of sculpture.

“Furniture shop”

Non-profit organization “Doctors Against Drugs” (Pavlodar)

Fair – 2013

The idea was to provide an on-job training for social rehabilitation department patients of the Republican State Enterprise “Republican Scientific-Practical Center of medical and social problems of drug addiction”.

As part of the project, implementation tools were purchased for furniture shop located in the department of social rehabilitation center.

100 department patients were trained and later on earnings were used to purchase additional equipment for the expansion of the furniture shop opportunities.

Systematic work in the field of medical and social problems of drug addiction has a steady, systematic and long-term effect. Furniture workshop’s work has been diversified; new funds for the maintenance of the project are obtained at the expense of products sales.

“The organization of the center for the development of potential and training Usharal city youth”

Public association “Alakөl – Kamkor” (Usharal, Almaty region)

Fair – 2014

The main idea of the project is the establishment of a center for young people capacity building and vocational training of occupations of highest demand in the region, and the involvement of young people in the labor and economic activity.

Carrying out a number of measures on drawing up business plans and planning of production, introduction of programs of state support for young people, as well as support for small and medium-sized businesses (training, loans, subsidies and grants).

Training on various occupations: felting, sewing clothes and shoes made of wool, tapestry (easel art), paintings of colored wool, and growing vegetables in protected ground.

Active work is conducted in the center to the present day. Furthermore, the project has gained more social importance for continuity of generations. Occupational education of young people, including felting, sewing clothes – it is also a way to transfer the skills of the older generation to the younger.

“New Kazakh patriotism – the basis for success of the multinational and multi-confessional society”

Youth public association “Kaisar” Mangystau Regional League of military-patriotic clubs” (Aktau)

Fair – 2015

The purpose of the project is to create a military-patriotic center in Aktau. Under the project following the military-patriotic events were carried out:

– Gathering of military-patriotic clubs on the territory of the naval base. This event was attended by 8 military-patriotic clubs. Demonstration performances of unarmed combat were held, as well as a demonstration defile of the honor guard of “Mangistau regional league “Kaisar MIC”, etc.;

– Presentation of videos on the activities of the military-patriotic orientation (in the media, Internet resources);

– Summer military sports camp. Combat training for children (studying parachutes, infantry armament, materiel of BMP, APC, tanks, etc.);

– Visiting the historic sites of the region by the youth;

– Regional forum of patriots with the participation of the NGO “National Accord” with representatives of ethno-cultural centers of the Mangistau region, all the non-governmental public organizations of the region, including veterans’ organizations;

– Round tables with students in grades 9-11 and college students on the subject “Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the sacred duty and responsibility of every citizen”;

– Military-patriotic clubs, clubs for underage children in difficult life situation were established in the children’s village and family-type orphanage of Aktau;

– Military-patriotic event “Veteran lives next to us!”.

“Center for the prevention of suicide among children and adolescents”

Public Association “Young leaders of Kostanay” (Kostanay)

Fair – 2015

The purpose of the project is to improve the system of identification of suicide risk among schoolchildren, as well as the development of an adequate system of correction of pre-suicidal and suicidal state.

Objectives of the project: systematization of activities for the prevention of suicide risk; timely diagnosis and detection of risk for suicide; the development of the study of correctional programs to eliminate the risk of suicide and its approbation.

Conducted within the project:

Selection of diagnostic methods and their implementation to identify students at risk of suicide. Education of school psychologists to diagnosis and identify suicide risk group. Development of training on the research results and carrying out correctional programs for developing skills, providing effective resistance to stress, the formation of positive thinking.

“Warm house”

“Ulagatty Zhanuya” Community Foundation for development and support of the family (Almaty)

Fair – 2016

The project aims at the creation of the School of adoptive parents to prepare citizens who are planning to adopt, take the child under care (guardianship), to become adoptive parents.

School of adoptive parents will solve the following problems:

  • Help candidates assess their capabilities and psychological readiness for adoption of a child to grow up in a family;
  • Equip candidates with psychological and pedagogical knowledge of the psycho-physical features of children living in institutions, and the skills to apply that knowledge in the process family upbringing;
  • Increase the level of parental competence in matters of education and the relationship with the child;
  • Promote the creation of optimal conditions for the social environment for the development of the child in the family.

“We are like everyone else”

Public Association “Youth Center” Guonlёn” (p. Zhalpaktobe Zhambyl region)

Fair – 2016

The idea consists in the socialization and integration of children with disabilities into society through the establishment of creative orphanage for rural children with disabilities in Zhalpaktobe village.

Activities of the “House of children’s creativity” will focus on art therapy, training in applied arts, singing and dancing, the organization of psychological training of communication, computer literacy etc. Twice a week, the children will visit the clubs of creativity (painting, dancing, singing, lesson training of computer literacy), accompanied by a psychologist, also they will be taught applied arts, art therapy, singing and dancing. Experience will be shared in other rural areas.