Aman Keleshek

Festival motto:

“Aman Ruh – Aman Keleshek” – “A healthy mind – healthy future”

“Aman Keleshek” – is an inclusive festival of workshops through which students gain skills in sports and work. The festival is being held since 2014. This is a bright and large-scale event of the Foundation for children. One of its’ feature is the participation in the Festival of children from correctional boarding schools, orphanages, as well as specialized and comprehensive schools.

The event’s programme begins with a parade of athletes, cheerleaders, gymnasts and dancers, presenting the audience a great show. Every year at the Festival career guidance platforms are held for robotics, volleyball, chess, astronomy, street dance, martial arts and circus, graffiti, filming and other areas.

Famous Kazakhstani athletes and Olympic champions, popular artists, as well as businesspersons and public figures support «Aman Keleshek». Vassiliy Jirov, Yuri Melnichenko, Ilya Ilyin, Dariga Shakimova, Maksut Zhumayev, Nazim Kyzaybay, Bulat Zhumadilov show children the benefits of healthy lifestyles and their favorite business by personal example.

The “Aman Keleshek” has no analogues in the CIS. Every year around 4 thousand children attend it.

We believe that the young people of Kazakhstan, doing sports, developing intellectually and involved in art today – are the basis for rich and healthy nation in the future.