Social projects


Socially oriented projects and charity are the second priority of the Foundation. Our goal is to support civic initiatives and help to implement the ideas and projects that solve specific social and public interest issues. Most of the projects supported by the Foundation are linked to family issues, inclusive society, education, healthy lifestyle, sport, patriotic education of the youth, as well as assistance to socially vulnerable groups.

Charity events are associated with the spiritual and moral upbringing of the younger generation, strengthening patriotism and a sense of social responsibility in today’s society.

Fair of social ideas and projects

Fair of social ideas and projects is one of the large-scale systemic projects of the Foundation that has a long history. Due to the nature of our annual competition of social ideas and projects, we encourage social initiatives «from below». Social projects developed by the NGO shall be considered and funded within the competition.

Best NGO projects

The Foundation has united nearly 5 thousand non-governmental organizations under its auspices and has helped to implement more than two hundred social projects.

Aman Keleshek

«Aman Keleshek» is an annual cultural and sports children festival. Its main objective is to develop an inclusive society, and to help children find their calling in creativity and sport.

Road to school

«The road to school» is a charity event for children deprived of parental care, as well as those from large and poor families. The main objective of the action is to provide them with school supplies for 1st of September.

Social activities

Every year, social activities and charity events of the Foundation cover more than 15 thousand people. Many of them have become traditional and are supported by well-known Kazakhstani athletes, artists and public figures.