About the Foundation

The Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan — Elbasy — presidential foundation in Kazakhstan. It is the largest non-profit foundation in the country, the activity of which is based on professional management principles and systematic approach to all projects.

Foundation was established in 2000 by the personal initiative of President Nursultan Nazarbayev. Today we are proudly implementing the ideas of the First President of Kazakhstan by carrying out projects aimed at improving the competitiveness of human capital and creation of a new generation of Kazakhstanis.

The work of the foundation is aimed to support talented young people, the development of social projects and civil initiatives, and the development of a competitive expert-analytical center.

Our Mission — to develop the limitless potential of our society, helping talented young people and supporting social projects of public interest.

We strive to create a climate and conditions for supporting young talents, both in science and in art.

We contribute to the implementation of nongovernmental organizations’ projects that solve critical social problems in Kazakhstan society.

We build dialogue platforms on issues such as politics, economics, international relations and security.

Following our Mission, we strive to strengthen the commitment of present and future generations of Kazakhstan to the main ideas of the First President of Kazakhstan — Nursultan Nazarbayev.

In our work, we are open to dialogue with all stakeholders.


Dariga Nursultanovna Nazarbayeva

of the Foundation of the First President
of the Republic of Kazakhstan — Elbasy


Jumabayev Kanat

The Executive Director
of the Foundation of the First President
of the Republic of Kazakhstan — Elbasy

Foundation of the First President has a permanent establishment in Almaty, where the history of the Foundation has begun.

The projects activities of the Foundation are being implemented on this significant platform.

In the Representative Office you can:

— Get full information about the activities and projects of the Foundation;

— Participate in Public Events of the Foundation;

-Submit applications and documents for participation in the competitive programs of the Foundation.

Representative office contact details:

12а, Ivanilov Str., Almaty, 050059, Kazakhstan

Tel. +7 (727) 220 92 17
e-mail: office@fpp.kz

A unique complex of «Nazarbayev Center» of the Foundation of the First President is a masterpiece of architecture of the capital, designed by British architect Norman Foster.

«Nazarbayev Center» was built as a Presidential Center and was opened in 2013. After becoming the new home of the Foundation, «Nazarbayev Center» marked a new stage in our work.

The main architectural feature of the «Nazarbayev Center» is a combination of functionality, beauty and significance. The original appearance of the building resembles a huge eye, directed at the sky, symbolizing the vitality and achievements of modern Kazakhstan.

Its total area reaches 30 thousand square meters. Technical uniqueness of this structure is the special design of the glass dome. Span diameter reaches 81 meters. All the interior layout of the complex is focused around a central atrium with a diameter of 26 meters and an area of 535 square meters. An interesting feature of the device is attached to the interior of the building — 9 floors, located on the perimeter of the atrium allowing to experience the majesty and beauty of the entire structure from any angle. It is in the «Nazarbayev Center» the most important state events, conferences and exhibitions are held today.


”Nazarbayev Center”, Bokeihana str., 10 , Astana 010018, Kazakhstan

Reception Tel. +7 (7172) 70 83 04
Fax. +7 (7172) 70 8343
e-mail: Astana_fond@fpp.kz



Representative office contact details:
12a Ivanilov str., Almaty, 050059, Kazakhstan

Tel. +7 (727) 220 90 29
e-mail: office@fpp.kz