Grants for scientific research


The grant is provided to young scientists for financing of research projects and activities in the field of applied research in priority areas of science, technology and engineering. These works should have a distinct potential to replace imports, the high degree of innovation and social relevance.

Grant allocation is carried out on a competitive basis.


The competition is held on the following directions:

  • Physics, mathematics, engineering sciences;
  • Ecology, earth sciences, agricultural sciences;
  • Chemistry, technology, engineering science;
  • Medicine and Biology;
  • Social and Human Sciences;
  • On the role of the First President of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation in the creation and development of independent Kazakhstan.


The competition is open for scientists (those working in the scientific organizations, higher education institutions or research units of an organization), having an academic degree (Candidate of Science or Doctor of Science or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), doctors on profile), at the age of not older than 40, who are citizens of Kazakhstan actively involved in research activity.


In the specified period an applicant carries out a submission of a competition application together with a list of required documents (see Rules of the Foundation’s allocation of grants for scientific research). Application with all the attached documents should be provided in printed and electronic formats.

Presentation of contest applications is held by candidates at the Exhibition of scientific achievements of young scientists of Kazakhstan “Science and Innovation young” within the annual international conference “Innovative development and relevance of science in modern Kazakhstan”.


Grant holders are determined by the competition Committee of the Foundation, consisting of not less than five members. Open voting by simple majority makes committee decisions.


Grant is allocated after the conclusion of the grant allocation agreement between the Foundation and the recipient (a university or research Institute). The Foundation monitors the progress of scientific research and in the case of revealing the fact of improper use has the right to demand return of the transferred funds.


Phones: +7 (727) 220 92 24


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