«Science Slam» tournament

«Science Slam» is is a new project in the format of intellectual battle of scientists. The idea of «Science Slam» was born in 2006 in Germany. Today, it is held in Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia and Kazakhstan.

The main goal of «Science Slam» is is the popularization of science among young people. However, the project has another important task – to break the stereotype that science is boring and difficult.

According to the rules, participants on stage talk about their research and inventions. The event takes place in the scientific and entertaining format. There is no place for complex terms, incomprehensible and boring lecture slides. On the scene, there are only those who have something to tell, and who know how to make it interesting.

The competition involves university students and researchers. The most popular spheres are IT, engineering, biology, agriculture, management, sociology and architecture. During their ten minutes presentations, participants should interest the jury and the audience with their ideas. The top three is determined by three main criteria: the ability to convey their thoughts, the relevance of the research and the volume of applause.

According to the regulations of «Science Slam», the winner receives a gift of real boxing gloves and a certificate on passing the the training or education.

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