For the successful implementation of its Mission, the Foundation operates in three main areas:

The Foundation helps to discover and implement intellectual and creative potential of Kazakh youth, supporting their studies and projects, as well as conducting research, and creative activities.

Foundation is committed to the implementation of ideas and projects that solve specific social and public interest issues. Charity events have systematic and individual approach.

Foundation develops a «think tank» in its structure — Institute of World Economics and Politics. It is an open platform to discuss regional and international security and international relations.

We believe that the Foundation’s performance depends on sound strategy and a clear vision of the needs of the society. We opted for the unique model, not duplicating the activities of other organizations, including best practices of the presidential Foundations.

The fundamental objective of the Foundation is to involve our citizens in the implementation of the ideas and projects of the First President of Kazakhstan in the name of prosperity.

Today we are focusing on the implementation of the three main objectives:

  • Support of talented youth;
  • Implementation of socially-oriented projects;
  • Development of competitive scientific and analytical center.



ASTANA CLUB is an international expert discussion platform for the development of the Eurasian region. It is a platform for dialogue between influential experts, business leaders and politicians from around the world. The organizer of the Club is the Foundation of the First President and acting under its auspices the Institute of World Economics and Politics. Club partners are the Carnegie Endowment, DGAP, Casma and Russian Council on International Affairs.

The unique position and historical role of the Republic of Kazakhstan as a bridge between East and West allows the Astana club to offer an independent, neutral and open platform for discussion of the most topical problems of the modern world. The first meeting of the Club was held in November 2015 and was attended by 50 leading representatives of the intellectual and political elite of Western Europe, Russia, China, the USA, Iran, China, South Korea, Turkey, and Prime Minister Karim Masimov, the Government of Kazakhstan leadership and leading representatives of the expert community of the country.


SOCIAL IDEAS AND PROJECTS FAIR – an annual competition for the support of social projects of NGOs. This is the most famous and large-scale project of the Foundation held since 2005.

Within its framework, over two hundred projects have been implemented. Most of them solve urgent problems in the sphere of culture, education, sports, and support for people with disabilities and children from social institutions.

The fair has also become an educational platform for NGOs and social entrepreneurs. Participants attend unique master-classes and receive practical advice on the implementation of their ideas.

During its existence, the format of the Fair has proved its effectiveness. The geographical coverage of participants is increasing every year and so does the number and the quality of the proposed initiatives.


AMAN KELESHEK is an annual children cultural and sports festival, one of the most exciting and eventful activities of the Foundation. The festival takes place since 2015. “Aman Keleshek format has no analogues in the CIS. Its task is to develop an inclusive society, involving children with disabilities into active society.

Workshops held during the Festival, are helping children to decide on their future profession, find new hobbies, develop creative thinking and athletic skills.

«Aman Keleshek» is supported by well-known public figures, Kazakhstan sportsmen — champions and medalists of the Olympic Games, popular modern actors and singers, representatives of government, business and the Internet community.

Every year the festival brings together about 4,000 schoolchildren.


ZHASSTAR – is an annual international festival of creative youth, held since 2009. This open platform inspires modern Kazakhstanis on generating of creative projects. Festival participants attend master classes, creative meetings and lectures by renowned filmmakers, music, literature, theater and dance figures. All of this allows us to consider «ZhasStar» as one of the main cultural events for young talents.

Every year the festival gathers about 1000 participants.


UNKNOWN KAZAKHSTAN is a unique project, it was supported by the Foundation in 2012 and was implemented by a team of young Kazakhstani photographers. Ilya Afanasiev, Vasily Mikhailin, Konstantin Kikvidze and other enthusiasts acquaint the whole world with rare beauty shots of Kazakhstan, opening the unique nature, culture and history of our beautiful land.

The photo exhibition «Unknown Kazakhstan» has become a kind of a «calling card» of the country, having visited and received great recognition in the United States, South Korea, Russia, China, Georgia, Hungary and the headquarters of UNESCO in Paris.

There are many projects which have grown into a long-term partnership among our joint projects. We see a great potential in these projects — they are all in the tune with the objectives of the Foundation of the First President.

Joint projects with the «Zhandanu Alemi» Foundation


«Bala dauysy» — is a national song contest for children aged 7 to 13 years, conducted in 2016. The main purpose of the event is the development of musical art in Kazakhstan and the disclosure of young talents.

The competition is held in the casting format in all regions of the country. According to the results, 16 best singers are invited to the Summer School of Music for advanced study of solfege, choreography and acting.

The final concert «Bala Dausy» is held in Astana, where the jury selects and awards the winner of the Competition.


The joint project with the Foundation for development and support of the National Ballet and Dance


«International Ballet Competition» is a dance competition for young people from 17 to 26 years old. The main purpose of the event is the development of dance in Kazakhstan and the preservation of the traditions of classical ballet.

The competition was attended by artists from Kazakhstan, Russia, China, Japan and European countries. According to the results of performances, jury selects the winner of the Grand Prix and the winners of special nominations.

The event is held at the «Astana Opera» State Theatre of Opera and Ballet.


The joint project with UNESCO


«Children are painting the world. Asia» is an international festival for young artists from 3 to 17 years old. The main purpose of the event is to support creatively gifted young people and to strengthen of friendly relations between the participants from different countries.

In 2016 the festival «Children are painting the world. Asia» was dedicated to the 1000th anniversary of the city of Almaty. More than 7000 participants from Kazakhstan, India, China, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Japan attended it. Participants and guests of the event attended a concert, tours on the Almaty historical landmrks, as well as a photo exhibition «Unknown Kazakhstan».

The event is held under the auspices of the UNESCO Kazakh National Federation of Clubs.


The joint project with the Almaty Choreographic School of Alexander Seleznev and the Eurasian Cultural Foundation


«Orleu» is an international festival of dance schools. It is held since 2008 and has become an outstanding event in the cultural life of our country — for all who support the Kazakh ballet art.

Competitive sites are always a stimulus for personal development and opening up new names. This is especially important for creative young people, because it is at such venues a special atmosphere is created — here you can see the new, get inspired by counterparts’ skills, get spiritually enriched and highlight the achievements of your own.

Every year the «Orleu» is attended by educational institutions of Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and other countries.

During the festival, leading figures of choreographic art hold master classes in classical and modern trends in dance. The conclusion of «Orleu» is a concert program of Festival guests.


The joint project with the Library of the First President of Kazakhstan — Leader of the Nation


«Kazakhstan’s Independence and the Leader of the Nation» is a theme contest for journalists, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan. Its purpose is to illuminate of achievements of the country during the years of independence, the popularization of «Nazarbayev’s model», as well as the ideas and initiatives of the Leader of the Nation.

The competition is open to professional journalists individually and in a team. The jury is composed of prominent journalists, prominent political leaders and public figures of Kazakhstan.

The awarding ceremony will be held on the eve of the 25th Independence Day.


The joint project with the Foundation for the development of Kazakh wrestling «Kazakhstan Barysy»


«Kazakhstan Barysy» is a Republican Kazakh wrestling tournament, held since 2011. Its main objective is development of national type of wrestling and education of a healthy generation.

Every year the best Baluans from all regions of Kazakhstan participate in the qualifying competition. In the final part of «Kazakhstan Barys» tournament in Astana the winner — the owner of champion belt and «Taytuyak» trophy — is determined.

The structure of the Foundation contains three separate foundations:

  • Institute of World Economics and Politics;
  • State language Development Foundation;
  • Karasai District Educational Foundation.

They help to realize the mission of the Foundation of the First President by carrying out its statutory tasks.

Institute of World Economics and Politics (IWEP) was established in 2003 and became the leading «think tank» of Kazakhstan. It is an open independent expert platform to discuss regional and global challenges of the modern world.

The Institute is actively involved in the public debate on the global economy, geopolitics, security, integration and Eurasianism. At the international level it actively cooperates with foreign think tanks, spreading objective and reliable information about Kazakhstan and its foreign policy.

Yerzhan Saltybayev leads the team of Institute experts.

All analytical materials — magazines, articles, reports, etc. — are in the public domain. For more information about IWEP activity, please visit the official site.

Foundation supports the language development projects of the Kazakh language in Kazakhstan and beyond. It was created on the personal initiative of the President in 2008. With competitive programs and grants, this Foundation involves the community in the study and dissemination of the state language and national culture.

Foundation is actively implementing its own projects. Many of them have become a popular tool for learning Kazakh language including: online course «soyle.kz», Kazakhstan’s first messenger «iTys», and online dictionary «sozdik». A mobile app «My Kazakhstan» contains a collection of pictures for the true patriots. Another well-known Foundation’s project allows to get acquainted with the history, culture and traditions of Kazakh people in the online quiz «Who is smarter?».

Karasai district Educational Foundation was established in 2007. Its main objective is to support talented schoolchildren of Almaty region through grants for education, various contests and competitions, to assist students from poor families, orphaned children and boarding schools. The Foundation also directs its efforts to assist local teachers by providing them with measures to improve their skills and just helping the best of them.