29.09.2018 | Astana hosts the most large-scale Youth Festival «RocketFest»

«RocketFest», first organized by the Foundation of the First President in conjunction with the educational accelerator Rocket Study, is the most large-scale entertainment and educational festival for young people.

At its core, this is a unique platform, a most useful youth party, aimed at promoting the ideology of self-development and self-realization of youth, promoting the development of personal and professional qualities of young people. The festival is mainly focused on the interests, needs and goals of young Kazakhstanis.

«RocketFest» promotes the discovery of potential in the creation and implementation of creative ideas and projects that will lead Kazakhstan to a new level of development.

More than 1,000 young people between the ages of 12 and 22 became participants in the extensive program of the Festival. Specially invited speakers who have achieved impressive success in various spheres of life — representatives of science, education, famous bloggers and weiners, opinion leaders, media and IT startups, SEOs, successful businessmen — are speaking to young people.

In his welcoming speech, the head of the International Department of the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Alkey Margulanuly, stressed: «Forming a competitive young generation is an important task for any state. We will not be able to achieve great success in our development without the active participation of young people. The future of the country depends on you! The Foundation of the First President in its activities always supports talented young people, implements projects, holds events that promote self-realization of young people».

According to him, the «RocketFest» format allows «firsthand» to get valuable information, «here and now» to hear answers to troubling questions. «In the future, we plan to expand the boundaries of the «RocketFest». We are considering the possibility of holding festivals in the regions of the country and are thinking about holding a large-scale festival with the participation of several thousand young people and speakers with a  «world name» in the field of IT, science and technology», noted Alkey Margulanuly.

The festival program was divided into three modules«IT», «Social Media» and «Science». Each of them consists of a number of specific areas.

For example, the founder of the A2 supermarket chain Ilyas Isatayev and the founder of the international technopark of «Astana Hub» start-ups Magzhan Madiyev will talk about how you can develop programming skills, choose the right niche in business, and what opportunities and prospects  new IT technologies.

No less relevant topics were discussed in the framework of the «Social Media» module. Here we remember with our bright performances: co-founder of the project «Almaty, Nebraska» Ashim Birzhan, marketing specialist «Yuframe» Rasul Abdullayev, director, screenwriter Kuanysh Beisekov, well-known colorist Vitaly Buzhan in the CIS countries, founder of the «Bloggers» agency Abylaykhan Kamalladin. They will share their experience in creating viral content on social networks, preparing high-quality material for an online audience.

Speeches by well-known political scientist, «BeichTech» communications director Sayasat Nurbek and entrepreneur, founder of the Rocket Study educational centers network Arslan Darimov are of great interest among young people. They are also the speakers of the Festival. During the work of the “«Science» module, they will discuss with young people questions about the practical application of scientific knowledge through the development of soft skills, participation in various public and private projects.

In addition, well-known bloggers, weiners, presenters of major events will speak as speakers.

The founder of the network of educational centers  «Rocket Study» Arslan Darimov, who is a co-organizer of the Festival, speaking of the event, said: «We can say with confidence that there are no analogues to such a large-scale Festival in our country! It is great that its holding was fully supported by the Foundation of the First President. This is a cool youth party, where in one day you can get a lot of useful acquaintances, energy and information on personal growth. After such events, people come out with «shining eyes» and are very motivated».

It should be noted that the festival has aroused great interest among young people. Those who wished to participate in the event were quite a few. On the official website of the festival more than 2000 young people registered. But 1 000 people were invited to participate. Registered members dismantled tickets in just 2 days. The organizers arranged additional contests on the social network Instagram with the distribution of invitations. According to the requirements of the contest, participants had to write an answer to the question: «Why should he get to the festival?».

Among the many reviews were very emotional and persuasive. Here are some of them:

– I’m going to @rocketfestkz. Why should I attend this event? In short, I am for useful content, networking and emotions. If this is a party for young, ambitious and inquisitive, then I want to be there, – Arailym;

– What will this event give me? As I said, the charge of motivation, energy, as well as a lot of new information from the speakers, their achievements. In particular, I would like to listen to Galym Ismagulov, Birzhan Ashim, Magzhan Madiyev and Rasul Abdullayev. After all, these people have reached high peaks despite their young age, and I am sure that they will shake the guys who came to this event. And also, this atmosphere that will be in the hall, I want to find like-minded people, and maybe make new acquaintances and new friends. I think this will be the beginning of a new horizon in search of oneself, also in creating one’s personality. And this festival is a great chance, and I don’t want to miss it. I would like to thank the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan @fpp_kz and @rocketstudykz for organizing such a large-scale event for the young and ambitious youth  of our capital, Moldir;

– Because this is a cool project that I want to attend, as I am young, but very curious, ambitious, with an inquiring mind, optimistic about a bright future not only for my own destiny and our country as a whole. Why exactly did I ask this question? I will answer. I am 21 years old, I am only at the very beginning of my path, if you give me a chance to listen and learn something new, then believe me, I will only go forward, plow, dare, try, search, learn and come such a day when I will be able to help the younger generation to stand firmly on their feet, to become successful in their field of work, to be useful to their people, – @kuanishbekov_am;

«It’s simple, I want to get to «RocketFest» because: there I learn a lot of new things, my brain will get a lot of useful information, which I could not even think about. This will give a strong impetus to my future. There I will get acquainted with new men, I will get new friends. I can also get a big charge and motivation to achieve my goals from sooo cool and clever people, and even get to know each other and see them live …, – @kontarova.


Press Secretary of the Foundation of the First President

 of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy

Akerke Berlіbay, mob.87029118907

e-mail: akerke.berlibay@mail.ru