28.08.2019 | The role of the Constitution at a new stage in the development of statehood was discussed in Nur Sultan

Today, within the framework of the republican project «Week of the Basic Law», a round table was held on the topic: «The Role of the Constitution in the Transformation of the State and Society in the Digital Civilization Era», dedicated to the Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The purpose of the event is a comprehensive discussion of the role and potential of the Constitution, taking into account the deepening course towards the adoption of the principles of a social, legal and democratic state in the country.

It was attended by heads of state structures of Kazakhstan, members of the Constitutional Council, members of Parliament, members of the Government, representatives of human rights institutions, as well as well-known domestic legal scholars.

Opening the meeting, the Chairman of the Constitutional Council, K. Mami, noted that the Constitution is the most important document enshrining sovereignty and independence, a solid foundation of statehood, harmony and stability in society. Respect and strict observance of the Basic Law is the key to achieving high goals.

  1. Rogov, the Deputy Executive Director of the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy, addressed the participants with a welcoming speech.

– We are used to the fact that the subjects of legal relations are only physical, legal and state. But already at the EU level, the issue of recognition by the subject of legal relations of electronic personality is seriously discussed. The creation of artificial intelligence is becoming an objective reality. But here questions arise. Who will be held responsible if the autopilot on the car exceeds the speed or makes an accident?

Required legal norms for the creation of robotics. At one time, American science fiction writer Isaac Asimov wrote these norms in his book «3 laws of robotics». But now they must be implemented in existing law so that robots cannot harm a person, I. Rogov said.

The Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry A. Zhumagaliyev, the member of the Constitutional Council V. Malinovsky, representatives of the Supreme Court, the General Prosecutor’s Office, the Agency for Civil Service, the Ministries of Justice, Health, Information and social development, and the scientific community made reports on the implementation of the constitutional foundations of the relevant spheres of life.

The panel sessions discussed approaches to strengthening the tools for realizing the constitutional social rights of citizens, affirming the rule of law, democratizing society, improving public administration and the law enforcement system, and strengthening guarantees to protect the interests of individuals in the process of widespread digitalization.

As part of the round table, the ceremony of awarding the winners of the contest among journalists on ensuring the supremacy of the Constitution and improving the constitutional culture of Kazakhstanis was held.