23.10.2019 | Youth tourism in action. The presentation of the winning project of the Social Ideas Fair took place in Almaty

On October 22, 2019, the presentation of the project «Tugan Zher: Journey to the Homeland» took place in the Tourism Hub of Almaty «Visit Almaty». In the summer of 2019, the Travelers Club «Almaty Nomad», with grant support from the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy, implemented a project on the development of youth tourism in Kazakhstan.

Youth tourism is special. It should include much more activities than a regular traditional tour. Our program ran from dawn until sunset, we thought through every second of leisure time for young tourists in detail. We tried not only to acquaint them with the objects of history and culture, but also included elements of ecotourism, extreme sports and youth entertainment. We did everything so that it was interesting and informative for young people, — said Madina Ashilova, project manager.

The project is the winner of the Fair of Social Ideas and Projects 2019. Its main goal is to introduce interested youth to the country’s bright natural, historical and cultural sights.

Over the summer, the guys visited the ancient cities of Taraz, Sauran, Otrar, the mausoleum of Aisha Bibi, the mausoleum of Karakhan, Arystan Baba, H.A. Yassawi, rested on Lake Alakol, met the Dzungarian Gate, Konyr Aulie Cave, visited the homeland of the great Abay, Shakarim and M. Auezov. During the trip, the project participants had picnics and pitched tent camps.

As, the Senior Project Coordinator of the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Gulnara Yershimanova noted, «Every year over 200 public organizations submit applications for the Fair of Social Ideas and Projects. Travelers Club «Almaty Nomad» won the fair of the Foundation of the First President for the second time. The project is dedicated to the Year of Youth. Young people who participated in the project not only discovered unknown unique places in their country, but also made new friends, developed leadership skills, and communication skills with peers. I hope that the future projects of the Club will be even more interesting».

Young people reflected their travel impressions in their poems, blogs, articles and research projects. At the presentation, a photo exhibition of the works of one of the project participants, Danilа Kutko, was presented, as well as a number of new subjects from the series «Tugan Zher: The Great Heritage of Kazakhstan» were demonstrated.

Dilraba Mansurova, teacher of secondary school №. 44: «I have been teaching at the school for many years, and am leading a group of local history. We always approached the study of the history and culture of Kazakhstan only on the theoretical side, we told children from pictures and textbooks. This year, thanks to this trip, we had the opportunity to conduct practical classes and show the children the bright cultural and historical objects of our country. Pupils of our school took part in a tour of South Kazakhstan. Upon arrival, we prepared a scientific project to study the Turkestan Territory. With this project we are the winners of the regional Olympiad. Now we plan to submit it already to the regional Olympiad. And we also hope for victory».

In order to popularize the national culture, the tour participants are currently conducting open lectures in schools and universities of Almaty, as well as preparing to continue the project in other regions of the country.

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