22.07.2019 | The Foundation of Elbasy supported the Discussion Club «Mаmile» for Kazakh language learners

On July 24, Kanat Tasibekov, the author of the popular textbook «Situational Kazakh», presents a discussion club on the study of the Kazakh language, «Mamile», at the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The project was supported by the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy, highlighting a grant based on the results of the contest of social ideas and projects of this year.

The presentation will be attended by well-known representatives of the public and cultural figures, including Zhaniya Aubakirova, Nurtas Adambay, Chingiz Mukan, Beknur Kisikov, Arman Aubakir, the group «Afrokazakhi» and many others.

The first discussion club opened in 2017 in Almaty. In two years, the project’s geography has expanded, and the representations of «Mаmile» has offices in the cities Nur-Sultan, Karaganda, Pavlodar and Taldykorgan. In the southern capital, the club operates on the basis of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan and AlmaU /Almaty Management University/.

Discussion club participants meet once a week to discuss various topics in the Kazakh language. For example, the traditions and customs of the Kazakh people. It is well known that it is through the study of culture and history that the understanding of the language itself comes. Also, students of the Kazakh language using the special methodology of Kanat Tasibekov also ignore social and political issues. Discussing such topics, the participants of the project «Mamile»  not only develop Kazakh spoken language, but also improve oratory skills.

The format of the discussion club is a dialogue platform between speakers of the Kazakh and Russian languages. In a relaxed atmosphere, representatives of two language groups discuss in colloquial Kazakh. The textbook «Situational Kazakh» and the method of its author help them with this. The program of teaching the state language is to master spoken (not written) speech by adult Russian-speaking people. Language is studied in the context of national culture and history, which is a kind of trend of the latest scientific paradigms. First of all, speech stamps that are necessary in certain life situations are mastered.

The importance of the unique methodology of Kanat Tasibekov and the relevance of the work of the Club «Mamile» was stressed by the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy N. A. Nazarbayev at the XXVII Session of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan on April 29, 2019: «I consider it important to note the project «Situational Kazakh», which is aimed at promoting the situational Kazakh language, which will contribute to facilitated quick study and everyday use of [language] and bringing together all of our citizens».

Dear media representatives!

On July 24 / Wednesday / at 11:00 am we invite you to the Exhibition Hall of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the presentation of the Discussion Club «Mamile» at Abay Avenue 14, Almaty.

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