21.06.2019 | In the Turkestan region, young scientists will train skills of monetization of scientific projects

The 3rd Summer Interdisciplinary School for Young Kazakhstani Scientists «Science School Kaskasu», organized by the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy, will take place in the village of Verkhnee Kaskasu of the Turkestan region from June 24 to June 28. The school will be attended by leaders of student organizations, chairmen of the Councils of young scientists of universities and research institutes, teachers and researchers in the age of 30 years.

For five days, young scientists will be taught the most essential skills for monetizing scientific ideas and projects. The program of the event is designed in such a way that the participants could create a scientific project, present a scheme for its implementation and protect them before investors, in the person of which the members of the Science Council at the Foundation of the First President will speak.

During this time, young scientists must master the skills of project management (project management), overcome the fear of speaking for effective presentation, grasp the basics of selling copywriting to promote their project, learn how to resolve disputes and work in a team. Also, participants will be told about the possibilities and difficulties of commercialization of research projects and research of young scientists in Kazakhstan.

– Today, a young scientist is not enough to develop a scientific project. For its implementation in practical terms, funding is needed. The source of such support may be an investor – a representative of the business sector. Most importantly, a scientist needs to make his scientific thought available, and a businessman needs to understand it and see its commercial potential in it. How to connect science and business, so that society uses the works of scientists, the Summer School for Young Scientists at Science School Kaskasu teaches, said Suhrab Zhaparov, the Deputy Chairman of the Science Council at the Foundation.

So that participants feel the team spirit and atmosphere of rivalry, they will be broken into teams. Each will be assigned a mentor who will guide the team and support it in the process of developing the project.

The main and exciting moment for the school participants will be the final fifth day. Young scientists will have to protect their projects and demonstrate everything that they have learned from the project.

The school partner was the South Kazakhstan Medical Academy.

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