17.06.2019 | The master class for representatives of the media and press services

The media play a special role in the implementation of projects by the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy, involving young people in them. Thanks to the media, young talents of the country will learn about the events and competitions held by the Foundation.

For representatives of the mass media, the Foundation traditionally organizes projects both for beginning journalists («Zhas Kalam») and for professionals in their field. These include master classes and seminars organized by the Foundation together with the Club of Editors-in-Chief of Kazakhstan.

They are aimed at improving the work of the media, improving interaction with organizations. This year, the master class was held on the eve of the professional holiday of journalists – the Day of Communications and Information Workers. Journalists of republican TV channels, informational publications, newspapers and employees of press services became its participants.

The main speaker was the director of public relations and internal communications of the Internet company OZON (ozon.ru), dean of the faculty «Reputation Management» of the communications school  MACS.school (Moscow) Maria Zaikina.

The Moscow media trainer held a discussion of important issues about new key communications trends (mastering new formats, channels of broadcasts, technologies, etc.), building the brand of the organization, etc.

Speech of the lecturer was followed by active discussion by participants of life cases, reputational crisis cases. Particular attention was paid to conducting trainings and playing situational games.

Thus, media representatives could be in the role of press officers, and the latter, on the contrary, in the role of journalists.

In general, according to the participants of the master class, such events are significant and necessary. – I want to thank the organizers for such useful training. After all, they are attended by both parties – both journalists and press secretaries. Together we discuss the realities, problematic issues. This helps to improve information interaction and relationships,  said Mira Mustafina, correspondent of the newspaper «Liter».