17.05.2019 | What opportunities for Kazakhstan citizens are opened by travel grants of the Foundation of the First President

Student of the Almaty College of Music, named after P.Tchaikovsky Ademі Konyratbay became the laureate of the second degree of the international competition-show of choir conductors in Kazan. To participate in it, Kazakhstani women has received a travel grant from the Foundation of the First President.

Almost 60 young talents from Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus took part in the competition. Competition review took place in two rounds. The speeches of the participants were evaluated by honored workers of the Russian Federation, art history candidates, professors and associate professors from creative educational institutions of the participating countries.

According to the results of the draw for our compatriot, the work of the Baroque epoch «You stopped loving me» by G. Hasler fell out. In 12 minutes the future choirmaster had to demonstrate professional work with the team. The conducting of a talented Ademi jury was noted at a high level. For the correct, active and dynamic chorus management, the student of the music college was awarded the title of laureate of the II degree.

Competitions of this level are very necessary for students. The boundaries of creative communication are expanding, and we get a lot of experience. Contests organize us, inspire, make us more confident and active. Each competition is a «school», this is a new round for the further growth of a student. After victories in such projects, it seems that wings appear, and I want to create more and achieve new heights, shared ideas Ademi Konyratbay.

By the way, at the ceremonial closing of the competition, Ademi was awarded the high honor to conduct the choir of the Kazan State Conservatory, named after N. G. Zhiganov.

We congratulate the owner of the grant of the Foundation of the First President Ademi Konyratbay with the victory in such a prestigious competition and wish great creative success. Also, we hasten to remind you that this year our travel grant competition will last until November 30th.

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