17.01.2018 | Competition of social ideas and projects – 2018

The Foundation of  the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy has announced the republican competition of social ideas and projects on the topic: “From social innovations to modernization, socialization and the evolution of society” (in the context of the program “Ruhani  zhangyru” and the Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the people of Kazakhstan “New development opportunities in the conditions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution” from January 10, 2018).

The purpose of the competition is supporting of the projects and initiatives of non-profit public organizations in solving urgent socially significant problems of society.

The competition of social ideas will take place within the framework of the 14th annual Social Innovation-2018 Fair of Social Ideas and Projects aimed at using the latest technologies, Internet applications and social innovations to unite all layers of society to modernize public consciousness at all levels, overcome problems and improving the quality of life of the people of Kazakhstan.

The competition takes place in the following categories:

  1. Modernization +

In this category will considering some projects, aimed at implementing:

– innovative approaches to the process of rendering social services to the population (in accordance with programs and standards for reforming the sphere of rendering social services);

– organization of local communities to support civic engagement and the unification of all segments of the population: youth, the able-bodied population, the elderly, unprotected groups of society through the use of the latest technologies, Internet applications and social innovations;

The attention of the competitive commission will also be given to projects aimed at enhancing the communication potential of all sectors of society, by training them in social networks, Skype, and other messengers. Formation of knowledge, skills, skills of working with computer and digital equipment, Internet, e-mail, Internet resources of state structures for persons with disabilities and older people in order to apply for the provision of public services in digital form.

  1. Socialization +

In this category will considering some projects, aimed at developing social competencies, socializing youth and unprotected groups of society are being considered; Projects developed by young authors for the social sphere, including those reflecting the participation of young people in the development of volunteerism, in social projects and programs of the regions, projects aimed at the formation of joint activities of various categories of the population, to effectively use the broad opportunities of young people in various fields, to increase competitiveness youth in the market of social services.

The commission’s attention will also be paid to projects aimed at creating new types and forms of youth participation in the socio-economic and sociocultural life of the society, including in the network space: the creation of employment promotion and career guidance services for youth (youth labor exchanges), information centers for youth , centers for the promotion of small entrepreneurship of youth, youth clubs in the community, etc.

  1. Evolution +

In this nomination will considering some projects, aimed at the preserving national and cultural identity, promoting:

– in the upbringing of the younger generation, young people’s feelings of national pride, citizenship and patriotism;

– in comprehension of spiritual sources of the people, preservation of ethno-cultural memory;

– in the revival of spiritual values ​​based on their culture and their own national code.

The attention of the competitive commission will also be given to projects aimed at promoting tolerance and trilingualism, as the basis for the formation of a multicultural personality. Form among youth such key competencies as multilingualism, Eurasian multiculturalism, communicative and technocratic.

Dates of the Fair

I stage (since February 10 to March 10, 2018) – reception, initial selection of competitive applications and competitive documentation for compliance with the established requirements; conducting training webinars and online conferences with applicants.

II stage (March 10-20, 2018) – evaluation of projects; the competitive commission will select TOP-50 projects, whose authors will be invited to the Fair of Social Ideas and Projects.

III stage (no later than March 30, 2018) – protection of projects (poster and video presentation of the project); At the Fair, the TOP-50 projects will address the members of the commission who will select the winning projects with an in-person vote.

The application to participation in this competition must be submitted in MsWord format in Kazakh or Russian languages, by email innovaproekt@fpp.kz and in paper form (by mail or courier) to the address: 050059, Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Ivanilova str. 12 A, the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy.


Gulnara Ershimanova, tel.: 8 (727) 220-92-17, E-mail: innovaproekt@fpp.kz