16.07.2019 | The Foundation of Elbasy executed support to beginning entrepreneurs

The Elbasy N.A. Nazarbayev always emphasizes the importance of providing ongoing support to small and medium businesses. At the initiative of the First President, financial and non-financial measures for the development of entrepreneurship are being implemented in the country.

Residents of Nur-Sultan city, who want to start their own business, have learned about them in detail: mothers of many children and women in difficult life situations. All of them became participants in the training in the basics of sewing skill in the framework of the program «Zhardem».

The courses were held on the basis of the garment factory «Yutariya» and organized by the Republican Council for the Protection of Children’s Rights at the Party «Nur Otan», the Association of Business Women of Kazakhstan. The training was supported by the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Today, a solemn rewarding ceremony was held for 20 women who had completed free training within a month. In his congratulatory speech, the Deputy Executive Director Sultan Aitzhanov noted: «The Foundation of Elbasy actively supported the program «Zhardem», having helped in the acquisition of sewing equipment for the participants in the training. Such gifts for you, as well as workshops on sewing business, consulting assistance from representatives of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs «Atameken» are a good help for the development of their business. I wish you success in business!». 

The participants of the courses received from the hands of Sultan Aitzhanov, as well as Alibek Aldeney, the Secretary of the Party «Nur Otan», sewing equipment and Certificates. And the most active women received job offers in the factory «Yutaria».

– I am a mother of four children. I have long wanted to learn how to sew clothes. Therefore, I am very glad that I had the opportunity to take courses and get information on starting a business. I plan to continue to learn. I was offered to take part in the seminars of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs «Atameken» in the fall, says mother with many children Indira Miykbayeva.

Training women at the factory will continue. Already started the next course for women.