19.12.2018 | To Almaty schoolchildren presented a New Year’s fairy tale!

The Foundation of the First President gave the children an unforgettable holiday. Children with disabilities – pupils of orphanages and 11 correctional boarding schools, pupils, as well as students of schools in Almaty and Almaty region from low-income families for an hour plunged into a bright, imaginative musical work.

For 750 children from 9 to 14 years old, the Foundation of the First President presented a musical and puppet play «Peter and the Wolf» based on the musical tale by Sergey Prokofiyev performed by the State Orchestra «Camerata of Kazakhstan» under the direction of the national artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Professor Gaukhar Murzabekova with the participation of the Puppet Theater .

By tradition, a carefully thought-out New Year’s performance. Each image, a fairy tale character is represented by a specific instrument: Peter is a string instrument, and a wolf is a horn, a bird is a flute, a duck is an oboe, a cat is a clarinet, a grandfather is a bassoon, and hunters are timpani and drums. And crib dolls, which are specially made for this production.

The performance can be considered unique. The organizers say the performance introduces children to high art, to complex music. A puppet show makes you think about serious things – justice, generosity, love, the ability to forgive.

Magnificent scenery, fascinating music and graceful actors. Such large-scale holidays are traditionally held by the Foundation for Children on the eve of the new year.

We are very grateful to the Foundation of the First President for this event, for this charitable presentation. Because it is very important for our children: to see the beautiful, to understand the beautiful, says Alexandra Dnisheva, director of the boarding school for deaf children in Almaty.

Boys and girls got a lot of positive emotions from communicating with fantastic characters. In conclusion, all the children – participants of the holiday were presented with New Year presents from the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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Photo – Vitaly Tkach