14.08.2019 | The Foundation of the First President launches projects to comprehensively support talented children and youth

The Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy in accordance with the order of Elbasy N.A. Nazarbayev begins the implementation of a new initiative «El Umiti» to support and develop young talents and leaders.

According to the Executive Director of the Foundation of the First President, Asset Issekeshev: «The mission of the initiative «El Umiti» is to help find and support our talented children and youth, including those living abroad. As part of this initiative, we want to reach the young generation of the country as much as possible, take into account their characteristics, talents, scientific and leadership potential, and also try to give everyone the opportunity to have an equal start in further self-realization».

As part of the initiative «El Umiti», the Foundation of the First President will cooperate with the Government of Kazakhstan, regional city administration, public associations, private educational organizations, the business community, as well as with all interested parties.

Together with partners, it is planned to implement projects such as: the creation of talent identification and support centers in each region, the development and implementation of leadership programs, and personal growth for youth, support programs for Olympic winners and their educators. It is also planned to create a single community of talents and leaders, implement the intellectual development program for rural children «Mynbala» in conjunction with the Foundation «IQanat».

To strengthen the work on the diverse development of young talents and leaders in various fields (patriotism, sports achievements, volunteering, academic achievement), a special incentive program for active participation in personal growth will be developed.

In order to coordinate the implementation of these tasks, the Foundation of the First President creates a special organization, the Academy of Elbasy, which will act as the operator for managing the implementation of the initiative «El Umiti».

As part of the initiative «El Umitі», methodological manuals, training programs, internships, and grant awards will be developed.

This will make it possible to create Talent Identification and Support Centers in each region (17 centers) and cover about three thousand talented children and young professionals with development and support programs at the first stage.

In two years, it is planned to form a pool of 500 young leaders in various fields – science, economics, media, culture, sports and other areas of public life.

A single community of talents, leaders and their educators will be formed.

For the timely and high-quality implementation of the initiative, the Foundation of the First President, together with government bodies, developed a draft «Road Map».

The Foundation of the First President will also support the initiatives of private foundations for educational and personal development.

On August 1, 2019, the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev, during a meeting with the Executive Director of the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy Asset Issekeshev, gave instructions on the initiatives «El Umіtі» and «Kamkorlyk».

– The Foundation carries out its work on the implementation of a number of activities. We are launching two new projects «El Umіtі» and «Kamkorlyk» aimed at supporting talented youth and children with special needs in development. It is necessary to help gifted young people to study at home and abroad. This is a very useful and necessary work. In general, it is necessary to intensify the work of the Foundation in this direction», said the First President of Kazakhstan.