14.08.2019 | Talented Kazakhstanis conquered Europe again

The Foundation of the First President supports talented youth in many endeavors and projects. With the help of our competitive programs, young Kazakhstanis realize their wildest ideas and conquer one country after another. The travel grant of the Foundation of Elbasy opened the way to world fame for many gifted musicians, choreographers and artists. Today we want to talk about another creative team that has benefited from the support of the Foundation and achieved a new goal.

Farhad Bulatov, Radmir Madyarov, Almas Sagimbayev and Kairat Egimbayev, and all together – the ensemble of trombonists «Astrobons». For those who are not very good at knowing musical instruments: the trombone is a brass wind instrument of the bass-tenor register. So, more recently, the team returned from the Republic of San Marino. In this small country, surrounded on all sides by Italy, the annual master class of contemporary music «San Marino International Music Courses – New Music Project» was held.

To get to this prestigious master class, not everyone succeeds. You have to go through a tough competitive selection. Applicants submit resumes and videos of their speeches in advance. Each teacher chooses for himself no more than six musicians and works with them. Our guys were honored to study with the world-famous teacher, composer, professor and popularizer of modern music for trombone John Kenny.

All the knowledge, new experience and instructions of teachers inspired Kazakhstani trombonists to give solo concerts in San Marino in the open air. One was held on the terrace of the Tower «Cesta», and the second – «Concert at Sunrise» was held in one of the oldest basilica of San Marino. In gratitude for the virtuoso playing on trombones, the ensemble «Astrobons» caused a standing ovation from the European public and admiration among connoisseurs of high art.

Recall that the travel grant competition runs until November 30, 2019. More details here.

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