12.12.2018 | The horizons of the past and the future

The progressive development of Kazakhstan is the result of the successful implementation of the far-sighted policy of Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev. For a short period of time by historical standards, the country managed to achieve impressive achievements in socio-economic development and strengthen international cooperation.

Kazakhstan has won the deserved authority, as a state that is considered a stronghold of peace, interethnic and interfaith harmony, as a country open to the world, seeking to spread the ideas of humanism and creation.

The formation of such an image of the state, the strengthening of these values ​​in society was the result of the effective promotion of ideology, which has essentially the deep origins of popular wisdom, culture, social diplomacy and steppe civilization.

The head of state always speaks of the importance of preserving these key components of our own national code.

This idea is particularly vivid and pronounced in the program article of the President «Looking into the future: modernization of public consciousness» and in his new article «The Seven Facets of the Great Steppe».

The article «The Seven Facets of the Great Steppe» is based on scientific facts and reveals to us a great historical heritage – the bright sides of our fertile land, the great achievements of the ancestors who lived on the territory of modern Kazakhstan hundreds and thousands of years ago.

Kazakhstan is a country, a great land which is the «cradle of the Turkic world», the Homeland of apples and tulips, the place where equestrian culture and horse breeding originated. Our steppes became one of the first centers of ancient metallurgy. Here the Great Silk Road passed, works of art of the «animal style» and the unique  «Golden Man» were created. All this is the diamond facets of the Great Steppe, which became not only the property of our people, but part of the history of world civilization.

In his article, Elbasy also speaks about the outstanding enlighteners, political and public figures of our land, which include Аl-Farabi, Yassawi, Kul-Tegin, Abylay, Tauke, Kenesary, Abay and many others. Our great minds have made a great contribution to the study and deepening of knowledge in various spheres of life. They influenced the development of science, culture, and government, not only in the territory of modern Kazakhstan, but also beyond its borders.

As Nursultan Nazarbayev notes, all the scientific facts cited in the article require serious reflection, further research and systematization. The article allows you to understand your origins, take a fresh look at the place of the Great Steppe in global history. At the same time, the article is addressed to domestic scientists, the international community – first of all, to scientists and cultural workers.

The President proposed in the article a number of specific projects, the implementation of which will be implemented, including through international cooperation.

The head of state encourages representatives of science to actively participate in these and many other projects, to promote the deepening and dissemination of knowledge about the history and culture of the Great Steppe, the Kazakh people.

In this area, the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan is doing some work. Projects are being implemented aimed at the formation of spiritually-developed, patriotic youth, the dissemination of knowledge about the history of the country. This is done by supporting talented young people, involving them in public life.

The Foundation organizes a competition for awards in the fields of science and art. The best in conducting research in the humanities are determined each year.

Thanks to the contest «The Best Kazakh-speaking Internet site», the best Internet resources that promote the state language, national culture and values ​​are annually identified.

Taking into account the great interest of young people in the annual competition for the literary award «Altyn Tobylgy» of the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, we plan to add a new nomination, within which will be selected the best works on the culture and history of the Great Steppe.

At the same time, the changes will affect the beloved thousands of schoolchildren of the republican online tournament «Who is smarter?». There will be more questions about our history and culture, as well as outstanding personalities.

«Culture and Traditions of Kazakhstan» is one of the main nominations of the popular photo contest of the Foundation «Asyl Mura». As part of the competition, young people from all over the country through photos show the bright moments of performing folk rituals, national sports, historically established features of the celebration of significant events and events.

The annual competition held by the Foundation to support creative projects in the field of culture and art also contributes to the preservation and development of the cultural heritage of Kazakhstan. Original designs, creative projects and programs are being put forward for the republican competition. Over the years, the winners of the competition were people leading active creative activities, prominent cultural figures.

The Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan promotes the promotion of national history and the country’s fundamental values ​​also at the international level. Scheduled to hold multi-faceted events abroad – conferences, special exhibitions of works of art of domestic authors and others.

Many of the Fund’s laureates, through their creativity, widely promote the ideas of the President and the culture of the country in world arenas. So, for example, the opera «Abay», presented in Italy, the main part of which was brilliantly performed by our winner, Sundet Baygozhin, was broadcast in 40 countries of the world.

Other laureates of the Foundation – Medet Chotobayev, Tatiana Vitsinskaya, known to thousands of residents abroad, on the best stages of Brazil, Italy, France, Finland, USA, Romania successfully perform their main opera roles, personifying the original Kazakh spirit.

Cultural features of our nation, expressed through musical, literary works, painting exhibitions – are part of the heritage of our ancestors, those values ​​and traditions that have come down to us from time immemorial.

And the article by the Head of State eloquently shows us not only the uniqueness of this heritage, but also the crucial role of the Great Steppe in the development of global civilization. It contributes to a clear understanding of the Kazakh people of their great past and aims us to go forward, develop, while maintaining the national code.

The ideas of the article contribute to the formation of a correct, ideological basis of our self-identity, educating young people in the spirit of Kazakhstan patriotism, nurturing the modern competitive young generation, who know and honor the history of their ancestors, culture and spiritual values ​​of the country.

This is precisely the main purpose of the Elbasy article.

Published in the newspaper  «Kazakhstanskaya Pravda» dated 12.12.2018.