12.09.2019 | Works of talented Kazakhstanis presented at the Beijing Biennale

Saulet Zhanibek, Beibit Asemkul and Gulmaral Tatibayeva are talented artists of our country, who presented their paintings at the VIII Beijing International Biennale of Arts. And the Foundation of the First President helped them in this. Having received an invitation from the organizers of the biennale, young cultural figures submitted applications for a travel grant competition. The personal creative achievements of each applicant and the high significance of the event helped the young artists to win a travel grant.

Now about the biennale itself. It is worth noting that participation in it is prestigious for any artist. Our compatriots went through a rigorous competitive selection, so that their creations were presented on this site. More than 4 000 artists from around the world sought to get to the exhibition, and only 595 of them were fortunate enough to demonstrate their talent. Among them are three Kazakhstanis – Saulet, Beibit and Gulmaral.

The Beijing Biennale is held every two years. This event affects the intellectual agenda of the whole society: the questions raised by the curators of the exhibition resonate with contemporary philosophical problems, and the works of artists enter into dialogue with a sophisticated audience. This year the theme of the biennale is «A colorful world and a common future». Giving this name to the exhibition, the organizers tried to convey the idea of ​​the cultural diversity of the world and the idea of ​​a community of the common destiny of mankind.

– The Beijing Biennale addresses a wide range of issues. Based on the unity of beliefs and the fate of modern mankind, it is necessary to come to peaceful development and joint prosperity, to set the guidelines for the current and future humanity, which are based on art, said in his speech Xu Li, the deputy chairman of the Association of Artists of China,.

The main theme of the artists’ paintings was nature, life, history and the general fate of mankind. For example, Gulmaral Tatibayeva portrayed a young Kazakh woman – the leader of the caravan of the nomadic period. The work was called «Aigolek». Saulet’s painting «Traffic regulation» is dedicated to environmental issues. And Beibit Asemkul in his work «Brothers» conveyed the importance of family ties, and how mother’s love unites family members.

We add that the work of young promising artists from Kazakhstan attracted the attention of a large number of exhibition guests and journalists.

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