12.07.2019 | Almaty youth studied oratory

The Foundation of the First President – Elbasy of Kazakhstan for 14 years annually organizes a «Fair of Social Ideas». Since 2005, this competition has contributed to the identification, support and implementation of initiatives by NGOs.

One of such initiatives was implemented in the city of Almaty. The NGO «Civil Center» conducted an educational and methodological seminar on the art of public speaking for the youth of the city.

The seminar was held by the President of the Kazakhstan Association of Franchising, a writer, publicist and social activist Beknur Kisikov. The purpose of the event is to increase the competence and personal development of young professionals of non-governmental organizations.

The theme associated with oratorical skill is not accidental. After all, the art of speaking is a sought-after and useful skill. People who own the technique of public speaking on the «excellent», always in demand in society, and can easily find a job.

In NGOs, this skill is considered one of the most important, since to be persuasive, to be able to convey important information to the target audience concisely, clearly and convincingly, to interest people, to draw their attention to socially important issues of modern society is not an easy but necessary task for every employee.

During the training, participants learned how to prepare a speech, what prevents them from speaking, what mistakes are made by speakers, where to start speaking, how to overcome the fear of speaking. The participants also worked on the technique of speaking and performing in the style of Tedx.