12.06.2019 | Genetic from Kazakhstan won a grant from the Foundation of the First President for a trip to Moscow

The young scientist, Candidate of Biological Sciences Maksat Zhabagin won the travel grant of the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy. Grant of the Foundation helped Kazakhstan genetics to speak in Moscow at the international scientific congress «Genetics of the XXI century».

The event was attended by over 1,400 prominent scientists-geneticists and physicians from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belarus, Great Britain, Germany, Georgia, India, Spain, Italy, China, Lebanon, Moldova, the Netherlands, Peru, Poland, the USA, Uzbekistan, France, Czech Republic, Estonia, South Korea and most regions of Russia.

The head of the laboratory of human genetics at the National Center for Biology, Maksat Zhabagin, made a presentation «Reconstruction of the genetic history of Kipchaks according to phylogeography». In his speech, a scientist from Kazakhstan revealed the details of the formation of the structure of the gene pool of the Kazakhs and the relationship with the tribal structure of the Kazakhs.

Also, a young geneticist presented a report at the international conference «The Centenary of Human Population Genetics», which also took place in the Russian capital. The topic of the speech by Maxat Zhabagin was as follows: «Genetic diversity of the Y chromosome among the peoples of Central Asia».

Note that the reports of our grant holder aroused genuine interest among the participants of scientific events. Participation in the congress and conference allowed Maksat Zhabagin to establish new international relations and establish promising cooperation in various fields of human genetics.

The talent of the young scientist was also appreciated in the Russian Academy of Sciences. Last year, a geneticist took part in the competition for the medals with the Russian Academy of Sciences awards. Maksat Zhabagin became the first Kazakhstani scientist who received the prestigious award of an authoritative organization for the series of works «Studying the gene pools of the little-known Turkic-speaking peoples of Eurasia: from the Crimea to Central Asia».

We remind you that the travel grant competition will continue until November 30, 2019. Young scientists and cultural and art workers under the age of 40 can take part in it. Contest terms are published on link.


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