12.04.2019 | The VI International Congress of Young Scientists «Youth and global challenges of the Present»

From April 4 to 8, the VI International Congress of Young Scientists was held in Almaty as part of the Year of Youth. In connection with the main landmark of 2019 in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the congress was symbolically called «Youth and Global Challenges of the Present».

The event, organized by the Eurasian University of Technology with the support of the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy and the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, gathered representatives from the field of science and education from different countries, including the leadership of the British Council in Central Asia and Kazakhstan, professors from the Scottish university Abertay University and Bulgarian University Neofit Rilski.

The VI International Congress of Young Scientists: «Youth and Global Challenges of the Present» included the following sections:

  • Round table on the topic «Integration of business in education»;
  • Official opening and plenary session of the congress;
  • Panel sessions: «Development of social entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan»; «Current Issues of Economic Sciences through the Eyes of Young Scientists of Central Asia and Kazakhstan»; «State and legal problems of modern Kazakhstan»; «Sustainable development of the economy in terms of its digitalization»; «Modern youth in education and science»; «The innovative potential of modern youth».
  • Student conference.

At the official opening and plenary session of the Congress, the Rector of Eurasian Technological University (ETU) Zhanar Temirbekova stressed the importance of holding such events in the context of the mission of higher education and the role of universities in society. In this regard, Professor Temirbekova thanked the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy for the continued support of various ETU initiatives aimed at increasing the motivation of young scientists and attracting them to actively participate in the academic life of the university. The rector also thanked the partners of ETU – the British Council in Central Asia and Kazakhstan, the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan for their active participation and assistance in holding this event.

– The problems we are talking about here today at the conference are common problems, and we can overcome them only by working together to find joint solutions.” Thus, it is a great opportunity for experienced scientists to collaborate with energetic, less experienced young people, and to bring together the best of both communities: experience more mature ones with the energy, aspiration and ambition of young people. And if we can meaningfully rally together at such a conference, it will be good news for everyone», said Jim Battery, director of the British Council in Central Asia and Kazakhstan, who participated in the official opening of the Congress.

Professors of Abertay University Nikolay Muravyov and Anastasia Kuluri took an active part in the work of each section. At the plenary session, representatives of the Scottish university delivered presentations on the themes «Forming a green economy in a resource-rich country: the role of young leaders» and «Youth are the leaders of the future».

Also during the Congress, one of the panel sessions addressed the most important social problems of society. In Kazakhstan, these problems are not avoided by young and successful entrepreneurs who have set themselves the goal of introducing new ways of helping people who need moral, physical and professional support. The participants of the session «Development of social entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan» were:

  1. Zhanna Karatay – social entrepreneur, founder and president of the Foundation «Pioneer Concept»;
  2. Elmira Karmanova – founder of «Komuniti» LLP and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of PF «Fund for Cultural, Social and Educational Development «Komuniti Plus»;
  3. Indira Shah – Co-founder and Director of Impact Hub Almaty, Impact Hub Almaty (IHA) – a unique platform that provides full support for the development of social and creative entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan;
  4. Farida Navruzbekova – the winner of the social entrepreneurship contest «Social Impact Award», the founder of the project «TamaqMania»;
  5. Sholpan Karzhaubayeva – representative of the Resource Center for the Development of Youth Health Centers on the basis of the city center for human reproduction.

At the meeting, such a new concept for our country as «Social Entrepreneurship» was actively discussed. The participants of the session for a long time could not come to a common opinion on the question of who, after all, can call himself a social entrepreneur.

Social entrepreneurship, on the one hand, is a type of entrepreneurship in which a participant, by creating his product or service, solves a socially significant problem of certain groups of people. Initially, it was decided by all that a social entrepreneur should receive a steady income.

On the other hand, opinions were expressed that a social entrepreneur can also be considered a person who receives income from his business and permanently donates a portion of income to solve social problems.

Examples of social entrepreneurship were, of course, the projects of the participants themselves in such problems as helping children suffering from autism, helping people who consider themselves «imperfect parents» and other social problems of humanity.

The panel session «Development of Social Entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan» gave rise to excitement by people who, through their own efforts, find solutions to the most difficult tasks of social life of society and by their example motivate others to such accomplishments.

The VI International Congress of Young Scientists: «Youth and Global Challenges of the Present» fulfilled its own goals and objectives, namely, it provided a high-level opportunity to consider the problems of global challenges facing humanity in the context of economic legal and technical issues in the context of the country’s innovative development path innovative development of the country through the eyes of young scientists. Events held in the historic House of Friendship and the Eurasian Technological University have contributed to the international development of large-scale plans in the field of science, education and the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.