11.10.2019 | Igor Rogov took part in an international conference in Moscow

The Deputy Executive Director of the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy Rogov Igor Ivanovich took part in the international scientific-practical conference on the topic: «Modern trends in the development of private international law».

The conference was held at the Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law under the Government of the Russian Federation in Moscow.

The event was attended by leading scientists of the Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law under the Government of the Russian Federation, representatives of the scientific community, teachers of leading universities of the country, representatives of federal executive bodies, judges of arbitration courts, courts of general jurisdiction, arbitrators of leading Russian arbitration institutions, as well as scientists from the near and far abroad.

During the forum, I. Rogov informed the international legal community about the activities of the Foundation of Elbasy to disseminate legal knowledge among the population, facilitate the implementation of the program developed by the First President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev to modernize the legal system of the Republic and further transformations in the legal sphere by the country’s leadership.

The conference participants were also very interested in information on the work of the Court and the arbitration of the International Financial Center «Astana», as well as on the activities of the recently established AIFC Law Academy. Wishes were expressed to establish closer cooperation with the Foundation and the AIFC Academy.

It is planned to cover the conference results in the «Journal of Russian Law» and the «Journal of Foreign Legislation and Comparative Law».