10.10.2018 | In Akmola region the work was completed by an international scientific-practical conference.

October 5-6, 2018, in Astana, the first in the world International Scientific and Practical Conference on the phenomenon of light water, which has a special health effect, was held.

The conference was attended by leading scientists of light water, workers of research institutes, universities and industrial enterprises in the field of water supply of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation, Hungary. They shared their experience in studying, obtaining, extracting and applying LIGHT water for health.

Participants of the international scientific-practical conference «Light water is the basis of the quality of life and longevity. Theory and Practice» were also members of the Science Council at the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

– The Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the center of generation of new ideas and projects of our country. We are pleased to participate in events that bring the science of Kazakhstan to a new level. And today’s meeting of scientists from different countries is more proof of this definition. The international format of today’s conference involves the discussion of topical issues on open discussion platforms. Today, this is especially important because professional contacts are an excellent mechanism for strengthening relations of friendship and cooperation not only between people and universities, but also between countries and peoples. I would especially like to note the fact that our long-time partner Astana Medical University, which adequately represents Kazakhstan’s high school as an organizer of such an authoritative event, became a platform for participants from different countries, said Suhrab Zhaparov, Deputy Chairman of the Science Council at the Foundation of the First President.

The Kazakh plant «Kokshetauminvody» (Kazakhstan) also took part in the conference. It is the world’s only industrial bottled light natural mineral drinking water (Turan brand), whose field is among the five most famous natural light water deposits in the world.

Researchers sharing their experience of studying light water at the International Scientific and Practical Conference «Light water is the basis of quality of life and longevity. Theory and Practice» stated that light water has an unambiguous effect on the adaptive capabilities of the body, the immune system, hormonal balance, life expectancy.

– Today at the conference there are not only scientists, but also our honorary cosmonaut, Aiymbetov Aydin Akanovich. Light water is mainly used in astronautics, and our country is also time to deal with the supply of light water for astronauts. Light water is used to maintain the cosmonauts’ body balance before and during the space flight, its importance in space is enormous», said Doctor of Medical Sciences, Academician Yerbolat Dalenov, Director of the Institute of Nutrition Problems of the Kazakh Academy of Nutrition, Head of the Department of Preventive Medicine of the «Astana» Medical Academy.

Following the conference, a resolution was adopted in which the participants agreed to form a joint working group to further study the effect of light water on biological systems and living organisms and humans, inform the scientific community and interested parties about the results of the study, schedule a scientific conference with the involvement of leading scientists CIS and other countries on this topic with the involvement of large business to consider the potential of creating industrial production and artificial light water with different content of deuterium in Kazakhstan, Russia and other countries on a reciprocal basis.