10.07.2019 | Kazakhstani developed the world’s first vaccine against cattle brucellosis

Our country is truly famous for real talents in science and art. New technological developments, useful scientific research, original creative projects and masterpieces of national culture. We have much to be proud of. But even more pride is caused by the fact that a huge contribution to the development of science and culture belongs to the young people of Kazakhstan.

One of such talented compatriots is the candidate of veterinary sciences, professor Kaisar Tabynov. Thanks to the travel grant of the Foundation of the First President, the young scientist spoke at the annual conference of animal scientists CRWAD in Chicago.

CRWAD – Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases is an authoritative scientific platform that celebrates 100 years this year. Participants in the largest conference in the world are well-known scientists, as well as leading experts in the field of taxonomy, pathology, diagnosis and prevention of infectious animal diseases.

The performance of a Kazakhstan scientist at an event of this level is prestigious and honorable. Kaisar presented a report on the topic «New vaccine against brucellosis in cattle based on influenza viral vectors, which is being put into practice». By the way, this vaccine was registered in the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan in January 2019, and is already available for practical use.

For a scientist, and even more so for a young one, working at CRWAD sites is an excellent opportunity to share with our colleagues from different countries of the world our research, breakthrough developments and scientific research.

The report of our grant holder contained the results of many years of work on the development of the world’s first vaccine against brucellosis of cattle based on influenza viral vectors. The presentation of the young professor aroused great interest among the scientific community. Over the past 20 years, domestic science has developed a real vaccine that can replace existing drugs and increase the effectiveness of anti-bacterial measures.

The speech of  Kaysar Tabynov at the Chicago Conference, of course, made a great contribution to enhancing the prestige of our state in the eyes of the world scientific community.