09.07.2019 | Young scenographers from Kazakhstan presented a performance to the European public

The world of Kazakh fairy tales and legends of the Turkic people was fully felt in Europe. In the capital of the Czech Republic, talented students of the Academy of Arts, named after Zhurgenov, presented their creative projects. Visitors of the Prague Quadriennale – PQ 2019 saw educational works on scenography, amazing installations and unique theatrical costumes.

The Foundation of  Elbasy helped to present the national culture of our country at the largest exhibition event for students in love with their business. To participate in PQ 2019, which takes place every four years, young Kazakhstanis have won a travel grant from our Foundation. This year, Quadriennale opened its doors to theater workers around the world for the 14th time.

Together with students of the University of Coastal Carolina (USA), the participants from Kazakhstan showed the performance «The power of imagination in Kazakh fairy tales: free flight instincts». The project not only introduced the audience to the national culture of the Great Steppe, but also touched upon contemporary environmental issues.

Students created the layouts for the performance design, stage installations and costumes themselves. These details helped the children talk about their own interpretation of the myth of the birth of God and the creation of the world according to ancient legends and tales.

However, the Foundation’s grant holders not only conquered the sensitive hearts of the guests of PQ 2019, but also inspired themselves. For ten days, Alexandra Pominova, Irina Pisaryuk and Aruzhan Bolat attend workshops, exhibitions, seminars and training programs as part of the events. Due to this, future scenographic and décor works gained new professional knowledge and expanded their horizons.

Give a piece of Kazakhstan, our students are not left without attention and gifts. For their creative work, talented girls were awarded with diplomas of the I-st and ІI-nd degree of the International Concord Academy.