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Photo exhibitions for the anniversary of Astana, creative competitions and internships for students and schoolchildren, the movement Smart Zholy, uniting talented youth – these and other projects are being implemented under the auspices of the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy.

Pearl in precious frame

Bright, modern, incredible – such epithets were awarded to Astana in Spanish Madrid and the Dutch Hague visitors of the photo exhibition  «Astana – the pearl of the Great Steppe», dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the capital of Kazakhstan and organized by the Foundation of the First President. These days she continues her international tour.

– The new capital, created on the initiative of the Head of State, opens the independent Kazakhstan to the world, – said Kanat Dzhumabayev, executive director of the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy. – This year for her – a landmark, the main city of the country celebrates the anniversary. Astana has become, without exaggeration, the political center of Eurasia – the place where world leaders meet, the ways of sustainable development are determined, the summits and congresses that form the trend of building trust and mutual understanding between peoples are being held.

Actively participating in the celebration of the anniversary of Astana, the foundation organized an international tour of the photo exhibition «Astana – the pearl of the Great Steppe» and the publication in English of the photo album  «A day in Astana», which depicts the unique constructions of the capital with a description of the unique features of each object.

The tour began in Madrid, where the photo exhibition took place in the restored building of the Carlos de Amberes Foundation, built in the 19th century. Here, under the harsh and exacting look of masterpieces of world history «photo portraits» of Astana were presented. And the young Kazakh capital managed to impress visitors, including the statesmen of Spain and the European Union. A little later, the exposition moved to the headquarters of the UN World Tourism Organization, and more than 2,000 people saw pictures of Astana’s unique buildings here.

– The UN WTO has a famous group of bikers who travel around the world. After the exhibition, they expressed a desire to visit our country, to see Astana in August 2018, in order to publish a book about Kazakhstan and Astana on the results of the trip», Kanat Dzhumabayev said.

Great interest was also raised in Russia. In Moscow, the exhibition was presented in the International Information Agency «Russia Today», then the exposition was hosted by the St. Petersburg State University and further – the Regional Museum of Local History in Astrakhan, where it was visited by the Governor of the Astrakhan Region Alexander Zhilkin.

It is also planned to hold a photo exhibition in Kazan, and on July 6 «Astana – the pearl of the Great Steppe» will be presented at the Heydar Aliyev’s Center in the capital of Azerbaijan – Baku.

Anticipating trends

– XXI century – the time of rapid development of technologies and innovations, where the main trends set a high level in the training of highly qualified specialists who must be flexible enough in a rapidly changing environment, open to everything new, be able to learn throughout life, – said the Executive Director of the Foundation of the First President. – The Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev pays much attention to the development of human capital.

And in the Strategic Development Plan of Kazakhstan until 2025, and in the program article «Ruhani zhangyru», the President names one of the modernization priorities «new human resources» or  «human factor as the foundation of the country’s development».

The Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy contributes to the effective implementation of these strategic directions of state development, initiating creative projects in the field of support of talented youth, social policy and promotion of foreign policy initiatives of the Head of State, as well as in nuclear disarmament and confidence building measures.

One of the key projects of the Foundation, as Kanat Dzhumabayev noted, is Smart Zholy, where Smart means «smart technologies», and Zholy – in Kazakh translation – the way. Its implementation is carried out in close cooperation with the leading start-up sites of Southeast Asia and the international IT hub. As a result, a group of Kazakhstani developers has already got into the top 100 start-ups of the region and spoke to venture investors at the largest technology platform Echelon Asia Summit on June 28-29 this year in Singapore. And again, victory: the Kazakhstani start-up Webtotem entered the top ten in South-East Asia. In addition, the Singapore company Saturday Kids agreed to invest another Kazakh startup – Intellection.

In addition, the foundation is implementing a program of mass IT-technologies through the project MethodPro. June 11, his summer IT-internship started immediately in two cities of Kazakhstan. The project is an excellent opportunity for young talents to express themselves, to reveal their abilities and to get experience of practical work under the guidance of teachers from the Method.coding programming school and professional mentors from leading companies in Kazakhstan.

– The Foundation as a trusted integrator and moderator of new trends actively cooperates with state bodies and international corporations in order to support youth initiatives. Together with the Ministry of Justice, an educational project in the field of transport was launched, aimed at increasing students’ interest in constructing, astronomy, physics, and mathematics. The finalists will have the opportunity to undergo a 10-day internship at the Cranfield University Aerospace School and the University of Lancashire in the United Kingdom»,  said  Kanat Dzhumabayev.

Also, the Foundation jointly with the Institute of the History of the State of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan held an international conference «The Kazakh Way. Era of Independence», dedicated to the achievements of the country under the leadership of the First President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Implementing the annual Messages of the Head of State, as well as the program article of the President  «Looking to the Future: Modernizing Public Consciousness», the Foundation actively contributes to the promotion of Kazakhstan in the international arena and effectively interacts with prominent expert sites», added Kanat Dzhumabayev. – Since the beginning of this year, a number of projects have been implemented with the participation of international partners. So, in the spring, a memorandum of cooperation was signed with the St. Petersburg State University. Within the framework of the memorandum, was held a solemn presentation of the book of the President of Kazakhstan  «Era of Independence».

And in the beginning of April in Moscow on the platform of the International Information Agency «Russia Today» solemn presentation of the book of President Nursultan Nazarbayev  «Era of Independence» with the participation of prominent statesmen and authoritative representatives of academic and scientific circles took place. Speakers were the first President of Ingushetia, Ruslan Aushev, and the special representative of the President of the Russian Federation for International and Cultural Cooperation, Mikhail Shvydkoi. A special feature of the presentation was the first direct teleconference  «Astana-Moscow» held by the Foundation in real time.

According to Kanat Dzhumabayev, memorandums of cooperation with the consortium «House Asia» in Madrid, the Spanish Institute of World Economy and Politics and the Royal Institute of Elkano (Institute for International and Strategic Studies) were signed in April this year. The Memorandum will provide an opportunity to deepen cooperation in the field of education and culture, expert interaction and exchange of experience.

One of the global projects of the Foundation is the annual AstanaClub meetings, the executive director said. – Thanks to the multi-vector policy of the President of Kazakhstan, it was possible to create this unique discussion platform. The format of 2018 adapts to new challenges in international relations. The meetings are planned to involve prominent state and international figures, recognized experts in geopolitics, the world economy and innovation. The principle of work on Chatham House gives an opportunity to openly and pragmatically discuss topical issues of world development.

In addition, the Foundation takes an active part in the implementation of the program «Ruhani zhangyru». A number of videos on the subject of the Manifesto of the President «The World. XXI century», as well as on current social issues. Now the videos are broadcast on television and in social networks. One of them, entitled  «Daughter», created by the creative team of STRANA Media Team commissioned by the First President’s Foundation, received «bronze» at the 19th Kiev International Advertising Festival. And last year a video of the same creative group «Toi zhyry» about the Kazakh wedding, filmed for the Foundation, was awarded the Grand Prix of the most prestigious Russian advertising festival Red Apple. Sincerity and national peculiarity became the key to the success of video work.

Speaking about the future plans of the Foundation, Kanat Dzhumabayev drew attention to projects aimed at promoting peace initiatives of the President of Kazakhstan. In September of this year, a landmark event is planned – a meeting of the expert «round table» on «Kazakhstan-Japan cooperation in nuclear disarmament: one destiny, common goals». The meeting will be organized in cooperation with the Peace Foundation of Goya (Japan) with the participation of the embassy of this country in Kazakhstan.

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