06.07.2019 | Residents and guests of Nur-Sultan took part in the actions of the Elbasy Foundation

The Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy on the eve of the Day of the capital organized a number of festive actions with awarding prizes and gifts, many pleasant surprises.

Thus, the campaign «Deni saudyn – zhany sau» («In a healthy body is a healthy mind») was held, aimed at promoting the formation of a healthy lifestyle of citizens through quitting smoking. The action was supported by the Honored Master of Sports, the world boxing champion, eight-time Kazakhstan champion Lyazzat Kuygenbayeva and the international master of sports, the winner of the world championship and the World Short Track Cup Abzal Azhgaliyev.

The action took place on the square in front of the administration city building, the square near the «Baiterek» monument, on the «Water Green Boulevard» in the Metropolitan Park, as well as in the «Zhetіsu» and «Zheruyik» parks.

– We cannot make every participant of the action quit smoking instantly. But we can remind them of the detrimental harm of cigarettes, the irreversible effects of smoking, call for preservation of health for the sake of their future and the future of their families, loved ones …, – the organizers of the action say.

After such a conversation with randomly met citizens and guests of the capital, the activists of the rally suggested they stop smoking. In case of agreement, the participants of the action were glued with nicotine patches and handed over branded products «NurSOULtan», as well as a certificate for the purchase of sporting goods.

A great deal of attention from residents of the capital and guests of the city was attracted by the action of the Foundation «Welcome to Kazakhstan». It is aimed at raising the awareness of the guests of the capital about the traditions of the Kazakh people, the manifestation of spiritual hospitality.

Guests from other countries were invited to read (repeat) the Kazakh proverb or sing a song. As a reward, guests received gifts. At the same time, the activists of the rally, dressed in national costumes, with their singing and playing the Kazakh instruments created a festive atmosphere.


The actions «New Family of the Capital» and «New Resident of the Capital», organized by the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy, became an unexpected surprise for newlyweds and young parents.

Employees of the Elbasy Foundation and volunteers visited the Service Centers, registry offices and maternity homes of the city of Nur-Sultan, congratulating the spouses, who only registered their marriage and young people who became parents that day.

It is pleasant to note that the actions were actively supported by famous people of Kazakhstan. Among them are the Kazakh opera singer, People’s Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Tatarstan, Laureate of State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nurzhamal Usenbayeva, world chess champion, «Chess Queen»  Dinara Sadvakasova, famous performers of popular Kazakhstan pop songs Altynay Zhorabayeva, Ardak Balazhanova, Medet Salykov, Klara Tolembayeva.

– We didn’t expect that they would congratulate us like that. We received wonderful wishes, flowers, a certificate, pleasant gifts from pop stars. This atmosphere created us a festive. Thank you! – said the newlyweds Anatoly and Polina Makuschenko.

– Today is our happy day. We had a son! But even more joy and pleasant emotions were brought to us by the organizers of the action. Just left the maternity hospital – and immediately music, congratulations and gifts. So cool ! Thank you very much ! the young mother Zhanna Shokayeva shares her emotions.