06.07.2019 | In the capital held «NUR-SULTAN QUEST-2019»

On July 5, the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy organized «NUR-SULTAN QUEST-2019».

The goal of the quest is to increase the interest of citizens to the history and architecture of the capital through the organization of leisure activities, and their detailed acquaintance with the city of Nur-Sultan.

«NUR-SULTAN QUEST-2019» is an urban game with elements of orientation, built on riddles, puzzles.

To participate, it was necessary to have an active account on the Instagram social network, to have a charged mobile phone with Internet access and social networks and a program for reading QR codes.

It was proposed to pass 13 iconic sights of the city, 9 of which are the main places to visit. Visiting any of the objects on a previously prepared route, participants had to complete tasks – questions and puzzles. In the answers to the tasks the information about the name of the next object was encrypted.

Visiting each object, it was necessary to make a selfie with a volume letter, which is part of the word «NurSOULtan», put this photo on Instagram and put hashtags #NURSOULTAN, #YOURSOULISHERE, # ТВОЯДУШАЗДЕСЬ and @fpp_kz.

Successful implementation of all this was the reason to participate in the final stage of the prize draw.

Participants could use maps, compasses, search engines and other attributes for orientation in the terrain and for obtaining information.

On the square in front of the Concert Hall «Astana» was held summing up an entertaining game.

Winners are determined by randomly selecting coupons that are placed in a lottery drum. Thus, 15 participants in the quest received certificates for the purchase of household appliances (5 certificates for the amount of 50,000 tenge. Each, 5 per 75,000 tenge, and 5 per 100,000 tenge). In addition, dozens of gifts were distributed – printed materials about the city of Nur-Sultan, T-shirts and baseball caps.

The cognitive game caused positive emotions among the participants, delight of those who received prizes.

– I am very glad that I became one of those who won! Having decided to participate in the competition, I rented a scooter, because the city is rather big and it was necessary to travel long distances. When I completed the mission today, I believed in my victory. I had very little time left, and I did not have time to go through all the places, but I was very lucky that during the Quest, the participants helped me with the movement by car. It saved time, and I managed. Thanks to the organizers! Great event, says one of the winners, Aigerim Auelkhanova.

– I knew about the Quest through advertising on Instagram. Today with friends participated in the game. We are one of those who most quickly passed all the objects. During Quest, I learned a lot about the city, I got a lot of cool emotions. Very happy to win! Today was a great day, said another winner, Demizan Temirzhan.