Dr. Dababrata Chowdhury

Council of young scientists at the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – the Leader of the Nation organized and hosted a public lecture Dababrata Chowdhury  – Dr. PhD., An associate professor at the University Campus Suffolk, Director of Middle East Research Centre (MERC) (United Kingdom) on «Innovative methods of teaching and research to universities and research institutes».

The aim of the lecture – training in the field of liberal and economic education, familiarity with advanced teaching and academic experience of Great Britain.




The main topics of the lecture:

  • Innovative technologies in education;
  • Modern teaching methods used in Western European universities;
  • Organization and planning of scientific research;
  • Publication of scientific articles in journals with citation index;

The event was attended by young scientists, teachers, doctors of PhD, alumni`s of  Kazakh universities and research institutes.

During the lecture, Professor Chowdhury shared their knowledge, told the participants how to improve the scientific and creative potential of teaching staff to provide knowledge, best practices and technologies required for the preparation of competitive professionals.

The lecture was received with great interest, as evidenced by the numerous questions. Shyganbaeva Nailya MA, Senior Lecturer of the Academy of Economics and Statistics, said: «For me, this lecture was informative, highlight interesting approaches of conducting innovation in teaching and research, I would like to thank the organizers for the invitation to lecture».

After the lecture, all participants were awarded with certificates.